Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 794

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Dicky mentioned that Lucas was amnesiac… So, that was true?

Was he hit in the head and subsequently lost his memories when the bomb struck?

He had reconstructive surgery on the face because it was necessary, since he was terribly wounded

But Lucas’s dossier that Sean gave her.Jt couldn’t have been fake.

What on earth had gone wrong? Was this man John Levine or not?!

Nonetheless, Cordy’s tears started streaming as if she had lost herself- she was feeling so conflicted,
and she was unsure if she should be happy or agonized.

“Hey, you don’t have to go that far!” Lucas was shocked by her suddenly bawling.

In previous confrontations, neither of them really came up on top… But now, Cordy was there in front of
him, bawling!

He didn’t say anything out of line today, either!

Usually, he would’ve paid her back in full, especially since they used to be constantly at each other’s
necks. Yet now, he was speechless to see her suddenly crying. “Look, you’re the one who molested me
and got to see me naked, so why are you crying? Don’t act like you’re the one suffering here, like I’m in
the wrong—”

“John…” Cordy suddenly murmured.

Lucas stopped dead, taken aback by a sudden aching in his chest.

It was distinct, and could never be ignored.

What the hell? Why did it hurt when Cordy called him that?

Nonetheless, Cordy pressed, ‘Is it really you?”

There was hope in her tear-filled eyes, and Lucas felt the air leaving his lungs.

Cordy’s reaction left him breathless-how was she able to make him feel such overwhelming emotions?

At that very moment, he was actually afraid of disappointing her.

Even so… He wasn’t John Levine.

Someone told Lucas who he was when he woke up, and even carried out an investigation about his

However, he found no issues at the time.

And yet, his heart was now suddenly flaring with jealousy.

So, Cordy was overcome by her attachment to John Levine to the point she would do something this

Was he just a stand-in for John Levine?!

“No, I’m not,’ he snapped, his words curt and sharp. His expression was frosty.

His denial left Cordy’s tears gushing again, and he gritted his teeth in frustration.

Women really know how to use their tears to win sympathy, don’t they?

At first, he was still furious, but that fury seemed to subside once she started crying-as if he couldn’t
hold it against her even when she was using him as a replacement for John Levine.

“Alright, alright,” he said, his tone still unfriendly but obviously compromising. “It’s a special day you had
with him, isn’t it? You can treat me like him for one day without charge, but I’m telling you, this only
applies for one day. Also, no more molesting…”

However, Cordy’s tears continued to flow freely. At that, he growled through his teeth, “Just no sex,

That was his final compromise.

And yet, Cordy’s tears showed no sign of stopping. With rising indignation, he started ranting, his voice
filled with irritation, “That’s enough from you, woman—this is already too much sacrifice for me! What
more do you want? Do I owe you something? Why do I feel so helpless just because you started
crying? Hell, why am I starting to feel sad too? F*ck! Am I really that into you?”

He wasn’t in control of his emotions; just like Cordy, who was hurting.

Cordy was in pain not because of how Lucas was treating her, but instead the conflict and delight from
a mixture of doubt and belief that she regained someone she thought lost.

Nonetheless, Lucas’s hysterical words left her silent, and her tears stopped.

She looked at him with eyes blurred by tears as he bristled from head to toe.

Lucas noticed her gaze, and snapped, “Are you happy now? Getting smug, aren’t you?”

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