Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 795

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Lucas continued his rant, his ire rising steadily the entire time. “I have a fiancee and we’re supposed to
get married soon, and we’ve been together for three years! Somehow, that’s no match for the three
months I’ve met you, and now, I’m going to be scum! F*ck! What is it about you that draws me to you,
that I’d fall so hard for you?!”

He was blaming Cordy for everything, even though she was always so harsh to him and never tried to
seduce him-ever.

Yet he fell for her, anyway.

Was he some sort of masochist?!

“Say something!” he snarled furiously, feeling a little creeped out as Cordy continued to gape at him.

Cordy came to her senses, since her mind was still processing whether Lucas was John Levine.

Everything he said never crossed her mind, and it was certainly not the fact that he was engaged.

“Say what?” she asked blankly.

Lucas almost had a heart attack.

She managed to bewitch him after coming over to seduce him, and now, she wasn’t going to claim

“Tell me that you love me!’ he growled through his teeth, furious and seething with rage.

Those who did not know better would think that he was saying “I’ll kill you!”

He was impossible.

Cordy pursed her lips, thinking to herself that she loved John Levine and not Lucas.

It was just a coincidence that there was a chance Lucas might actually be John.

“So you were using me like a tool, weren’t you?” Lucas growled, glaring at her and actually considering
murder as an option.

It wasn’t easy for her to admit his true feelings and to decide to be with her, even if he had to shoulder
the moral responsibility.

Yet she was already dumping him?!

“Use you for what?” Cordy was perplexed.

“As a replacement for John Levine?” Lucas growled through his teeth.

Cordy was speechless, but that wasn’t it.

She was actually perplexed because Lucas was completely different from John-did his personality
change so drastically just because he lost his memories?


She could now admit it to herself that Lucas was John-there were far too many coincidences for her to
keep lying to herself.

But before she confirmed it, she wouldn’t indulge herself.

Lucas stared warily as Cordy suddenly rose from the floor.

What was she up to this time?

Forget not answering him-why was she getting so close to him again?

His heart would race whenever she did!

Nonetheless, he held his breath at that very moment, feeling her moving ever closer.

When she leaned towards him, he promptly shut his eyes.

Since he had admitted to having feelings for her, pointless resistance was unnecessary.

Even if this wasn’t right, he could just get around to sorting out his feelings later.

Just a little bit before they got together wasn’t that morally inappropriate, was it?

In fact, he was already puckering his lips…only to feel a stinging sensation from his scalp, just as
Cordy’s breath pulled away from him.

“What the hell?” he snapped furiously, quickly putting a hand over his head.

He had no idea if he was furious that Cordy pulled out his hair, or that she didn’t kiss him.

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