Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 798

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The door creaked, and Dicky’s voice could be heard as it opened.

“Come in, Lucas. Mommy’s not around anyway…”

Just as he finished, he found Cordy seated on the couch and looking utterly pessimistic.

“Mommy?” Dicky gasped in surprise. “When did you come back?”

Why didn’t she call him after she did, or went looking for him?

Lucas-no, John-was frowning at Cordy as well, and there was a slight displeasure in his tone. “Why
didn’t you say anything after you came back?”

Cordy turned towards John, and wondered what he went through that he would make his face into that

Her eyes welled with tears, which started to gush quietly; as if a dam had broken.

She wondered for a moment if she would end up using up all the tears she had for the rest of her life.

John was shocked by her reaction-had she always been so vulnerable?

She certainly wasn’t whenever they got into fights.

Dicky was shocked too. “What’s wrong, Mommy? Please, you’re scaring me … Wait, was the test result
a dud? That means it has to be an issue with the issue. I never told you, but the last time we’re here at
the capital, I already did another test, and the result was—Oof!’

Cordy clasped a hand over Dicky’s mouth, and was shaking her head ever so slightly.

A gesture for the boy to keep quiet.

Dicky’s eyes widened-why?!

If she knew Lucas was actually his daddy, they should tell him right now so he would return to them…

Still, Dicky soon realized that she might want to tell Lucas alone. Naturally, he had to be tactful about

He promptly nodded, indicating he understood, and Cordy released him.

John stood beside them, watching in utter confusion.

Those two were clearly communicating something, and he had the feeling it had something to do with

However, he couldn’t guess what it was about… Was this the tacit understanding between mother and

His heart skipped a beat when he realized it, and actually got a little angry that he was being excluded-
he even had this feeling that they should be together.

Why did he feel this way? Why was he already so eager to become family with them?

Cordy had definitely bewitched his heart and soul!

“I was a little harsh,” he suddenly said, looking her in the eye.

Cordy and Dicky both turned towards him after coming to an agreement; he felt that her earnest gaze
could pierce through his heart.

She was still crying as she looked at him-anyone who didn’t know better would be left wondering how
much he had wounded her.

“I mean, you’re a little late, and Dicky still hasn’t eaten dinner,” John explained. ‘I’m just a little upset
that you could’ve come to us if you returned early. Dicky’s been waiting for you to come home and eat
with you.

He was planning to take Dicky to the restaurant to eat, since Cordy must’ve left because of something
important and probably wouldn’t be back for dinner.

Dicky, however, was convinced that his mommy would make it back in time. Thus, John had no choice
but to starve and wait with the boy.

He was a little bored with waiting when Dicky mentioned something about programming.

Come to think of it, what did the boy know of programming?

Either way, he didn’t ask any questions and simply followed Dicky to their room, where they found
Cordy sitting there and spacing out.

He was a little uncomfortable at the thought that she would rather do that than come to them.

He even declared his feelings for her! And yet, was she not going to spare him even an ounce of

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