Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 800

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Cordy was afraid of imagining that John was still alive, but he really was…

And yet, she was apprehensive all the same

Was this what they meant with ‘win some, lose some’?!

At the dining table, the waiters brought their respective steaks. Cordy had too much on her mind and
ate very slowly, basically not tasting anything at all.

That was when she saw John pick up her plate, swapping his with hers.

Surprised, Cordy stared blankly at the steak which had been cut into tiny slices.

John was actually surprised he would do that for her-he never took the initiative with anyone else.

And yet, he couldn’t help it when Cordy was involved.

“Don’t get any funny ideas,’ he said, though it was clear he was eager to please.

Cordy couldn’t help smiling as she watched his terrible acting.

John naturally noticed, and gave up on pretenses. “Fine, I just want to be nice to you and couldn’t help
it, because you’ve bewitched me. Is that good enough?”

Cordy’s smile broadened.

For some reason, she felt it was fine if John was like this.

“I just don’t get it,” John muttered. ‘The way I did it so smoothly, it’s like I’ve done it for you before…”

Cordy’s smile suddenly went stiff, and her eyes welled with tears again.

Did he remember?

“Are you that touched?” John asked in surprise, looking her in the eye.

Cordy lowered her gaze—she had clearly been getting ahead of herself.

She slowly ate the steak John cut for him, and asked casually, ‘You had amnesia, didn’t you?”

John did not deny it. “How did you know? Were you looking into me?”

“Three years ago?”

“Yeah,” John nodded.

“You don’t remember anything at all?”

“No,” John said feebly. “I tried many methods, but nothing helped. I decided to just let it be after a year
of trying. The doctor told me that a radical approach might not be effective, but I might recover when I
least expect it.’

“Did he tell you what caused your amnesia?”

“There’s a blood clot pressing against my hippocampus. Extraction is risky given the location, so my
doctor advised against it, though it might melt in time and I’d regain my memories by then.’

Cordy nodded silently.

“Why did you suddenly ask about that?” John asked.

“Just curious.”

“You want to know about my past, don’t you?” John asked, as if he understood her. “Most of all, about
my past with Nana?”

Cordy was just taking a sip of wine, and almost choked on it at the mention of Nana.

John simply passed her a tissue. “There’s no need to hide it. I told you I’m into you, so I’ll come clean
about my past. I’m planning to tell you after I broke up with Nana, but I can tell you now since you’re so

Cordy was speechless-how was she being impatient? He was the one who mentioned it in the first

In fact, she never spoke of Nana at all.

Even so, she didn’t say no… She could even admit to herself that she would have a hard time refusing
his offer.

“We met abroad. We happened to be staying in the same hospital-she was staying in cardiology, while I
was in trauma. It was right after I lost my memory because of an accident.”

No, you were on a ship when it blew up.

“It was a bad time for me, since I was in pieces and lost my memory at that. I couldn’t recognize
anything or anyone around me, including my parents.’

No, they were strangers in the first place.

“The face you see now was actually restored after multiple reconstructive surgeries.”

No, you never recovered-your face had changed so much!

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