Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 803

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Cordy laughed dryly-John’s brazen attitude never did change.

“Why are you laughing?” John frowned, her laughter upsetting him somewhat.

“Because you’re younger.”

“You must be overjoyed.” John grinned smugly.

Cordy smiled, but said nothing.

“And don’t change the subject,’ John said sternly. “Don’t meet Patrick Stuart ever again from now on. It
upsets me.”

“We have a business partnership,” she replied.

She always kept business and personal affairs separate, and Patrick always had been a gentleman.

“If we ever were going to be together, we already would have. We certainly wouldn’t wait until now,”
Cordy added bluntly.

“Fine, then how about this?” John said, as if suddenly coming to a realization. “Call me whenever
you’re meeting him, even if it’s for business. I’ll sit in.”

Cordy stared at him incredulously. How could he get so petty?

“Trade secrets are involved. Having a third-party would be inconvenient.”

“Then I can wait outside while you have your discussion.”

“Could you not behave like a child?”

“I’m just protecting my interests.”

“What interests?”

“You!” John sounded so determined that Cordy couldn’t argue.

Though the atmosphere between them stiffened, they soon heard Dicky giggling beside them.

As they turned towards him, he quickly stopped and blushed. ‘I’m just happy to see Mommy and Daddy
getting along.

“I’m not your daddy…”

John’s habitual retort trailed off, as he soon realized the situation and slowly smiled. “Well, it’s almost
impossible I’d have a child as old as you, but if you can call me Daddy really if you really want to.”

How brazen!

John escorted Cordy and Dicky back to their room after they finished dinner, and Dicky asked casually,
“Are you staying with us tonight, Daddy?”

“That’s moving a little too fast, don’t you think?” he asked in turn, though there was expectation in his

“What are you thinking?” Cordy shot him a glare before telling Dicky, “Go back to our room.”

“Okay.” Dicky complied, skipping as he did so.

It wasn’t hard to tell that he was very happy, despite his usual early maturity.

Cordy felt a little emotional, finally understanding why Dicky would work so hard to get them together.

After all, the man before them was unquestionably his daddy.

“Aren’t you leaving?” Cordy then asked, turning towards John.

“You sent him away because you wanted a moment of privacy with me, didn’t you?” he said, as if he

In reality, Cordy was just afraid Dicky would spill the beans. She started to turn and make way to her
room and said, “You should go.’

“Cordy.” John suddenly caught her.

Before she realized what was happening, her whole body was being pinned against the wall beside
them; his figure towered over her, with barely an inch between them.

They could hear each other’s breathing and the wild thumping of their hearts.


Cordy could clearly sense the danger that the man posed, as he was unquestionably aggressive at that
very moment.

“What do you think?” John smiled wickedly.

Cordy’s heart raced even quicker.

Everything felt different now that she knew for sure that he was John.

“I will take responsibility, Cordy,’ he said, and he leaned towards her.


He realized he was completely vulnerable to the temptation she posed.

He pulled her and restrained her just to tease her—it was her fault for trying to chase him away.

But now, at this very moment, there was just no controlling himself.

Her flushed cheeks, her luscious pink lips… They were all lethal to him!

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