Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 804

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John went to kiss Cordy right then, but she turned away just as their lips touched.

He felt as if something clawed through his heart, but she reminded him,” You’re not single yet.”

John closed his eyes, restraining himself as much as he could.

She really knew how to turn him away.

With a retort like that, even if he wanted to flip out, there was no way he could do anything out of line
towards her.

Damn it!

She had a leash over him, asserting full control even before they started dating.

Nonetheless, he released her.

The instant he did, his lips inadvertently brushed against her ear.

It was a slight touch, but a jolt of electricity seemed to shoot through his body, and he felt himself
turning into jelly…

John swallowed, his Adam’s apple rolling repeatedly.

So this was hell.

As he moved a few steps away from Cordy, he saw that her face was red, as if it was bleeding.

Even so, he restrained himself and said, “I’ll talk to Nana tomorrow and clear up everything.”




“Cordy?” he suddenly called out to her.

“What is it?”

“I love you.”

Cordy flushed all the way to her ears, surprised that John would declare his love so formally.

She could feel the constant pounding in her chest as he gazed upon her eyes with unconcealed

“Yeah,” Cordy replied, working hard to keep her tone calm.

“Yeah? That’s it?’ John was clearly dissatisfied.

Heaven knew how much courage he had to muster to say that, but she was still being so casual about

“Anything can wait until you’re single again.”

“Is that a promise?” John asked for confirmation.

Cordy frowned—did they really need to do this?

“Yes, it is.” She decided to compromise, since she couldn’t say no when he was giving her that look.

He was at the young age of 26, but he was long past the time for his first awakening in love. But at this
very moment, he felt bliss like never before- as if he had found something he had been looking forward
to for ages, 1

He simply couldn’t get the picture of her off his mind, just as he couldn’t wipe the silly grin off his face
as he thought of her now.

What was he supposed to do?

In her room, Cordy didn’t leave the door after heading inside.

Once she closed the door, she stared at the security monitoring the door- that was a VVIP room for
you, it came with everything.

She could clearly see John standing outside her door, reluctant to leave for quite a while.

As she stared, she felt tears welling in her eyes.

Was someone up there taking pity on her? She had never felt this lucky, ever!

Back at North City, Zoe was given a much more important character this time-but that was the harsh
reality of showbiz.

As Zoe read the new script, she couldn’t help complaining, “Aren’t they rushing this? This is a lot less

For the last script, there had been notes and elaborations on almost every scene, explaining in detail
how to play said role and what emotion to convey.

However, this script was no different from what you would get from a typical stage production. While
there were tips on movement and expressions, it was clearly soulless.

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