Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 808

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Remembering how Hailey had yelled at her the last time around, Zoe decided that she must stop
drinking immediately.

Deciding that she needed to stay sober, she excused herself to the washroom.

Unfortunately, she was already tipsy and almost in a state where she wanted to drink more at the

Thus, she needed to wash her face and clear her head.

It took her a while, but just as she opened the door to leave, she found Jay standing outside.

She glanced at him, and then at his cane.

So, that was a permanent disability and not a temporary fracture.

Jay sensed her stare.

So, she knew that he was now a cripple?

He swallowed, but said, ‘Tomorrow’s rehearsal has been canceled.”

“What?” Zoe was a little surprised.

“Didn’t you check the group chat?” Jay asked.

“Bob’s been making me drink, so I didn’t notice. When was it canceled, and why?” Zoe asked curiously
as she whipped out her phone.

Then, she found the notice that the rehearsal for tomorrow had been called off. Everyone was advised
to get rest and prepare themselves, since the rehearsals in the later days would be more important.

Though Jay wasn’t the admin of the group, he was the only one who could make such an

Putting away her phone, she asked again, “Why cancel it? Aren’t we on a schedule?”

“I was drinking tonight. I won’t be able to wake up tomorrow.’

Zoe stared at him incredulously, actually shocked he would say something like that.

He had always been a workaholic who could go days without food, water, sleep, or a toilet break… And
while that may be a hyperbole, he still wasn’t the type who would delay work over personal affairs.

“I’m too old now,” Jay explained, noticing her surprise. “I’m less durable now.” i

That was true, yet he still insisted on drinking with them.

Zoe didn’t press the issue, and strode past him as he added, ‘ Don’t drink too much even though
there’s no rehearsal tomorrow. You’d get fat, and you’d look bad on screen.’

With those words, he headed inside the washroom. Zoe stared at the door for a while and took a long
time to finally realize he was insulting her for being fat.

Was he blind? Or was showbiz so obsessed with being slim that everyone in it was losing their minds?

Even if she wasn’t those permanently slim types, she definitely wasn’t fat! She didn’t get flabby at all
even after delivering a baby!

Nonetheless, she returned to the dinner table, where Quinn was already flushed from alcohol. “What’s

Since Quinn was being very accepting today, Bob was focused on making herdrink.

Fortunately, she was the type who would stay rational despite getting drunk, and she immediately
sensed that Zoe was being angry.

“It’s nothing,” Zoe growled grumpily.

“Nothing? When you’re pouting that hard?” Bob said, tipsy and now behaving even more naturally
around Zoe now. “Who dared incur your wrath, milady?”

“No one,” Zoe replied, picking up her glass and chugging it.

Since the rehearsal for tomorrow was called off, she could go home drunk and sleep off the entire

She would be fine the day after tomorrow, anyway.

“You’re so upset, you’re drinking again? What on earth happened?” Bob asked her.

“Nothing! Just a little annoyed that I’m getting fat.’

Jay just happened to step out of the washroom when she said that.

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