Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 812

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Looking utterly curious, Zoe asked Jay, “Still nothing?1

Jay was blushing, though it was not obvious under the dim lights.

“I did feel that,” he replied.

“Oh, so you feel something here, but not elsewhere…”

Jay stiffened as Zoe was starting to grope him and was left wondering if he should actually move.

Zoe was clearly so drunk she had no idea what she was doing!


Quinn just happened to arrive at the washroom as well-her stomach was churning and she was almost
going to throw up-

However, she completely forgot about that when she saw the sight that greeted her.

Was Zoe… teasing Jay?

Was she so drunk she could not see straight?

She could see Jay flushing crimson, while Zoe was still enjoying herself.

Hearing Quinn then, Zoe turned toward Quinn and exclaimed excitedly like a child finding a new toy,
“Quinn, come check this out!”

Quinn was bewildered.

How could Zoe say something like that?! And she could clearly see Jay’s face turning green!

Nonetheless, Zoe was still at it. “See? He can’t feel anything aside from this spot because he’s
disabled. Want to test it


Quinn was so scared she ran away right then-a drunk Zoe was simply scary!

The last time Zoe was that drunk, she dragged Quinn and Cordy to a graveyard and then almost ended
up setting the entire hill on fire!

And now, she was molesting Jay?!

Was there anything she could not do when she was drunk?!

Quinn stared at her own reflection in the mirror and saw that she was completely flushed, though she
was not sure if it was the alcohol or from witnessing Zoe’s… savagery!

She gained epiphany then-she must never do anything she wanted just because she was drunk!

Outside the washroom, Zoe felt someone grasping her wrist, prying her hand off himself.

Zoe frowned at Jay, who appeared a little angry.

But she told herself that he had always been that petty, constantly refusing to share what was his-he
was just disabled in one leg, was he not?


Suddenly, Jay leaned forward, bringing his lips beside her ears…

But just as he was about to speak… 1


Zoe was retching again, and she could feel her stomach churning.

She promptly pushed Jay aside and dashed inside the washroom too.

Damn it! To think that she ended up vomiting from challenging Bob to a drinking game!

And with that, she ended up vomiting repeatedly alongside Quinn as if they were harmonizing in a duet.

They certainly looked haggard when they were done, though they were laughing as they traded

It was as if they were back to their younger days!

While they laughed, they heard someone knocking on the door.

“Are you two alright? Come out. I’ll send you home.”

It was Jay, who probably was the one sober person around here.

Still, after Zoe and Quinn had a breather, they both stormed outside the washroom, declaring at once,
“We can keep going!”

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