Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 813

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Zoe and Quinn knew that they must not lose in spirit against their opposition. Hence, despite being
drunk, they returned to challenge Bob and Sam.

Bob was actually drunk, and the more he was, the less he could stop himself from drinking.

As for Sam, the man had always been loyal and always stood with his friends to the end of the line.

Seeing that they were all completely letting loose, Jay made a call to Cora.

Bob was the heart of the party, and once he left, the rest would have to leave as well.

Cora showed up in under half an hour and suddenly felt upset when she saw the people around the

All of Bob’s most important friends and even Zoe were there, but not her.

Was this what they thought? That she would never replace Zoe? That Zoe was their friend, while she
would never be?

“Cora?” Jay called out to her just then.

Cora withheld the displeasure she felt, noticing right then that everyone else in the room was more or
less drunk aside from Jay.

Quickly walking up to Jay, she greeted him. “Uncle Jay.”

“We just ran into the ladies by chance,” Jay explained. “Bob invited Sam and I to dinner, then we ran
into Zoe and Quinn, so we had them join us.”

“Yeah.” Cora nodded.

She had noticed long ago that Jay was meticulous and considerate toward the feelings of others.

Did he anticipate that she would feel uncomfortable? And here she thought that she hid it well.

She never showed hostility toward Zoe because she did not want others to find her petty, but Jay knew

“Bob definitely drank too much tonight,” Jay told her then.” You should get him to They are all not
exactly young-their health will suffer if they keep drinking.”

“Okay.” Cora did not say anything else, but just as she got up to leave with Bob, something occurred to
her. “You weren’t drinking?”

“Not much.”

He was always the one who never drank much whenever they gathered. Everyone knew that he was
bad with alcohol, so they would not push him.

“Who are you going home with?” Cora asked then.

Jay’s eyes narrowed right then.

“I can take Zoe,” Cora said bluntly right then. “I won’t stop you from anything, Uncle Jay, since you are
an elder and I

have no right to interfere. However, I’d rather you be more considerate toward my mother-she’s already
lost too many loved ones in the last few years, and she doesn’t want to fight you over someone…

“Just take Bob with you.”


“Your mother has no right to meddle with my affairs, and you have even less right to do so,” Jay said

Cora gritted her teeth.

In reality, she held great respect for Jay-he was her elder, and even if he was adopted to the Levine
family, she understood that her mother was genuinely good to him, and she followed suit.

There was also his ability-he could help her strut in showbiz given his talent and position.

That was why she had no reason to argue with Jay, and at this very moment, she decided to bear with

Her mother would not abide by this anyway, and she really doubted that Jay could be so callous and
uninterested in the Levines’ estate, i

Cora walked toward Bob, who was singing while drinking and dancing-too busy to even notice she was

In fact, the others did not notice her either.

That might not be the case for Sam, since he was not that drunk.

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