Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 816

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That was when Cora heard Bob say, “Zoe, my heart hurts so much…”

She froze, thinking she misheard.

Did Bob just call out to Zoe while drunk?

Cora always thought that they were just friends and playmates since they were children…

She smiled savagely then.

So that was why Bob mentioned her so much?!

Zoe fell asleep in Jay’s car, though not immediately.

She just did not want to talk to Jay, nor did she have any idea what they could talk about. She simply
leaned in a corner and eventually dozed off.

She always did fall asleep easily whenever she got drunk and could not stave off her drowsiness.

She was actually sleeping more soundly by the time they reached her apartment, and Jay could not
wake her at all.

After hesitating for a moment, he told his chauffeur to get the electric wheelchair from the trunk, which
he always kept there by habit.

Jay alighted and sat on it, then headed over to Zoe’s side of the car.

The instant he opened the door, she started to fall out, though Jay managed to react in time and catch
her right then.

Somehow, Zoe never woke up despite the ruckus—she probably would not know if he left her at the

Nonetheless, he put her on his lap, positioned her head over his shoulder, and steered the wheelchair
into the apartment.

That was when he remembered that he did not know what unit she lived in, and he had to ask her.

Zoe fidgeted uncomfortably over him, annoyed as usual that someone was disturbing her in her sleep.

“Zoe, what’s your apartment unit?”

Still dizzy, Zoe blurted the numbers and fell asleep again.

Jay did not want to wake her, and gently patted her on the back after she told him, as if to coax her to

Soon, they arrived outside Zoe’s door, and Jay mused to himself a little before typing Zoe’s birthday on
the password panel.

And the door opened.

Jay chuckled-it had been years, but she never grew wary.

As he steered the wheelchair into the apartment, he immediately spotted a figure.

They were both startled, while Zoe also jolted awake.

She opened her muddled eyes, muttering, “What is it?”

Then, her eyes widened when she saw Clara, and she glanced in shock between Jay and Clara.

Clara had always been frugal and never turned on the main lights unless she had to, so Zoe almost
had a heart attack when she saw the two silhouettes in the darkness.

She yelped loudly in surprise!

However, Clara soon recognized the man. “M-Mr. Parker, was it?”

Jay calmed down as well when he recognized Clara, and said, “Yeah. I was just bringing Zoe home.”

‘ Why are you on a wheelchair-“

“How did I get back?!” Zoe suddenly came to a realization when she found herself in familiar

“Mr. Parker brought you home,” Clara told her.

Zoe turned to find her own face inches away from Jay’s before realizing that she was sitting on his lap.

She promptly leapt off, but did so a little too forcefully and ended up falling again.

Clara quickly caught her, just as one of the bedroom doors opened.

Yelena was walking barefoot, rubbing her eyes and probably woken by the commotion.

Before she could call out to Zoe or Clara, however, Zoe charged at her, scooping her up in her arms at
top speed and taking her back inside her room while slamming the door shut with a loud bang!

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