Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 818

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However, when Zoe was drunk, her personality would spiral out of control.

“What is it? Something upset you today?” Cordy asked.

“Nope. I just wanted someone to talk to. I just napped a little after getting drunk, so I can’t sleep.”

Cordy did not expose her right then and simply asked, “Who were you drinking with?”


“Just her?” Cordy was obviously skeptical.

“… I ran into Bob and the others, so we joined them.”

Bob and the others… So that includes Jay.” Cordy cut straight to the heart of the matter right then.

Zoe really felt exposed whenever she chatted with Cordy- the woman really saw through everything,
which explained how her career was progressing so smoothly.

Regrettably, her love life was still a little bumpy.

“There’s nothing between me and Jay.” Zoe denied it straightaway.

“I never said anything. I was just asking.” Cordy giggled, leaving Zoe feeling like she indirectly admitted
to it anyway.

By the way, I watched a variety show of yours.” Cordy changed the subject then.

Really? How did I do?” Zoe quickly asked.

“Wonderful,” Cordy did not shy from praising her. “Jay really has vision.”

Zoe frowned-why did Cordy have to mention him again?

“From the first round to the most recent, don’t you think he’s been standing staunchly by your side? It’s
not surprising with that sharp insight that he could direct so many excellent films.”

“You’re really making me wonder if you’re praising me or him. ” Zoe pouted, suddenly realizing that
they were suddenly back on Jay again.

“I’m praising you both.” Cordy laughed. “By the way, aren’t you raring to try again, since you’ve been
working so closely with him ever since you came back?”

“Nope,” Zoe replied staunchly.

“Actually, the reason he left you back then-“

’Mommy!” Yelena’s clear voice called out from the door just then.

“Did I just hear a child’s voice?” Cordy asked.

No, I had the TV on.” Zoe quickly came up with an excuse.” Anyway, I’m off. I just remembered I should
check the script in our chat group.”

Cordy was left frowning as Zoe hung up on her right then.

There was something funny about that girl these days.

Meanwhile, back in her bedroom, Zoe was just recovering from the heart attack Yelena just gave her.

Calming down, she asked, “It’s late. What are you doing here instead of staying in bed?!”

“I want to sleep with you,” Yelena said.

“I just drank so I won’t wake up for a while. You’ll catch a cold if I kick the blanket away from you
because I can’t tuck you in.”

“I won’t.” Yelena was determined.

“I stink of alcohol.”

“It smells good.”

Zoe was exasperated—there was no way she could refuse such a cutie spewing such adorable,
charming words.

Though Yelena managed to charm her way to Zoe’s bed and Zoe urged her to sleep, she said,
“Mommy, can I use your phone?”

“No, it’s very late. You’ll hurt your eyes or turn blind at worst.”

“No, I won’t. My eyes are fine, and Grandma always lets me use hers.”

“Well, not now. You either listen or you’re sleeping in your room,” Zoe coerced.

Yelena bit her little lip and law down tamely.

She would get her daddy’s number from her mommy’s phone one way or another.

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