Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 817

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Yelena had still been groggy from sleep, but Zoe made her wide awake.

Blinking her large innocent eyes at Zoe, she asked, “Was that daddy?”


’’But he’s outside,” Yelena retorted, pointing at the door. “I want to greet him.”

“He’s not your daddy.”

Yelena simply ignored Zoe while exclaiming happily, “He must have come to visit me.”

“How many times have I told you that he’s not your daddy?!” Zoe yelled a little loudly just then.

She was already in bad shape after getting drunk, but Yelena insisted on messing with her!

“Bad mommy!” Yelena scowled, her little face contorting with indignation.

“Yes, I’m the baddest person there is, so go back to bed and sleep or I’m giving you a spanking,” Zoe
snapped, making herself look as menacing as possible just then.

Yelena pouted but tamely got in bed.

Naturally, she was utterly upset even as she lay down, thinking the worst of her mommy who stopped
her daddy

when he came to visit her.

She decided that she must find a way to see daddy.

Zoe sat beside her bed, not knowing what her baby girl was thinking. All she could hope for right then
was for Jay to leave soon, while praying that he never saw Yelena.

Jay was just so smart. He had been topping grades when they were children, and if, just if…

No, Zoe told herself—she would not let him find out, nor did she need him to take responsibility.

After a while, Clara entered to find Zoe spacing out as she sat on bed.

She was not sleeping even after getting drunk just because she did not want to deal with Jay?

But the man was carrying her in his arms as he brought her home…

Still, Clara was not one to pry. She said, ‘ Mr. Parker has already left. He wanted me to remind you to
drink honey, which would help with your hangover headaches.”

“Yeah,” Zoe replied.

She started to leave, but Zoe soon could not help but ask,” Did he ask anything else?”

When Clara appeared confused, Zoe asked, “Did he ask about Yelena?”

“No.” Clara shook her head. “He probably didn’t see her, since it was very dark.”

Zoe was relieved at that, while Clara urged her, “You should get some sleep. You’ll feel better
tomorrow, and I’ve already put a glass of honey in your room.”

“Okay,” Zoe nodded. “Thanks.”

Clara smiled-Zoe was distant to her even after all those years.

Nonetheless, after taking a shower, Zoe was unable to sleep at all even as she tossed and turned in

She tended to quickly get sober right after napping, and was wondering to herself… What if Jay
actually saw Yelena, even if Clara said he did not?

She was utterly uncomfortable.

How did he end up bringing her home? How did he find her apartment unit?

Unable to take it anymore, she quickly called Quinn… but Quinn had her phone turned off.

Quinn never turned off her phone! But could it be…

By the way, was she really getting along with Sam like normal spouses?!

However, Zoe was too worried about herself to care about others and decided to call Cordy instead.

Even if Cordy was away from North City, she could at least answer Zoe’s call even in the capital, right?!

On the other end, Cordy promptly answered Zoe’s call when she saw it. “Zoe?”

“I knew I could count on you, Cordy. Quinn abandoned me now that she has a man,” Zoe started
complaining right away.

Cordy could tell that Zoe was drunk right then—that was not how she behaved these days.

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