Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 822

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Clara kept her distance from Yelena, watching as Yelena arrived at the gates of the kindergarten, only
turning to leave after seeing Yelena greet the kindergarten teachers.

She had left chicken soup simmering on the stove and was not worried since Yelena was with the
teachers now.

However, she did not stop to check if Yelena actually went inside the kindergarten before going.

And Yelena was certainly sharp-once she saw that her grandmother was gone, she quickly told the
teachers,” Teacher, I need to tell Grandma something.”

“Okay, Yelena. Make sure to come back once you’re done,” the teacher told her mildly.

There were many other children arriving just then as well, so she stopped paying attention to Yelena

Yelena used the opening to head straight to the main road, hailing a cab-that was what her mommy
and grandma always did when they went shopping.

One soon stopped beside her, and it took her all her strength to open the door and jump into the car
with her little feet before she closed the door as hard as she could.

“Sir, please take me to North City TV Studios,” Yelena said.

The cabbie stared at Yelena in surprise. “Are you alone, kid?”

“Yes. Please take me to North City TV Studios,” Yelena repeated.

“You’re just a kid. How could you go anywhere alone?” the cabbie asked sternly.

“I’m going to see my daddy,” Yelena replied.

“Where is he?”

“North City TV Studios.”

“That’s very far. How could he let you go alone?” The cabbie certainly had a sense of responsibility.
“Are you really alone?”

“Yes.” Yelena nodded.

“I’ll take you to the police station. They can contact your daddy.” The cabbie had no choice but to go to
the police.

Yelena was left terrified right then. “No! I don’t want to go there! Only bad people go there!”

The cabbie patiently explained, “It’s not just the bad people. If we are in trouble, we go there to ask the
police for help too.”

No! I don’t want to go there!” Yelena burst into tears of grief right then.

Coupled with her bewitchingly adorable looks, no one could resist anything she asked.

The cabbie sighed wearily. “Please don’t cry. Just listen— you’re too young to go anywhere alone.”

“Then take me to my daddy.”

The girl was certainly relentless.

The cabbie began, “Kid-“

Yelena quickly said, “I have his number. Please call him.”

Hearing that, the cabbie promptly took the piece of paper from her and called the number on it.

Soon, it was answered, and a deep voice said, “Hello?”

“Hello. I have your daughter.”

Silence ensued.

“Wait, no-l mean, your daughter is in my cab,” the cabbie quickly corrected himself. to take her to you.
Here, I’ll let her talk to you.”

After the cabbie passed her the phone, Yelena was immediately crying out tearfully, “Daddy! I want to
come to you, but the cabbie wants to take me to the police station! But I didn’t do anything wrong, I
don’t want to go there… Boo- hoo…”

The more she spoke, the more hurt and tearful she sounded.

The cabbie was left speechless, feeling as if he had kidnapped her.

Jay frowned.

He thought it was a prank at first, until she heard the little girl’s voice.

If he remembered correctly, it must be the girl from the restaurant the other day who kept calling him

It certainly left an impression.

“Don’t cry. Tell me, where are you?” Jay said, trying to calm her.

“I…” Yelena looked around, “I’m in a cab.”

Jay was left speechless, though the cabbie quickly took back his phone and said, “We’re in Eastpass,
and she’s saying she wants to come to you at North City TV Studios. Should I bring her there, or are
you coming over to pick her up?”

“Daddy, I can come to you. I promise I won’t disturb you,” Yelena quickly said loudly into the phone.

Jay hesitated for a moment, but he soon said, “Please bring her over. I’ll be waiting outside.”

“Okay. I’ll be right over.”

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