Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 824

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Yelena’s wounded look tenderized Jay’s heart, and he asked, “Your name is Yelena?”

“Yes, Daddy.” Yelena quickly nodded.

“Are you Zoe York’s daughter?”

Jay’s heart was pounding hard even as he asked it.

He certainly saw Yelena the other night, recognizing that she was the same girl at that restaurant who
kept calling him daddy.

Though he appeared nonchalant to see her then, there may well be a maelstrom in his heart.

Zoe had a daughter? If so, who was the father?!

The thought that he might be left Jay almost overwhelmed, and there were times when he wanted to
call Zoe and ask, but he did not know what to say.

In fact, the issue had left him troubled the whole of yesterday, only for Yelena to come looking for him.

In reality, he more or less had the answer in his mind, but was still nervous about it nonetheless.

“Yes, Zoe is my mommy.” Yelena nodded and noticed the terrible look on his face then. “What’s wrong,

Jay’s heart had started pounding without control, and he was left clutching his chest in an attempt to
control it.

If this continued, he could well die!

“Daddy?” Yelena called out to him tentatively, while Jay kept taking deep breaths.

He was afraid to ask Yelena why she called him daddy, in fear that his heart would be overburdened.

“Please don’t take me home, okay?” she asked cutely then. “I came to play with you. Can you play with
me, Daddy?”

Jay certainly could not resist her sweet charm, though he soon remembered that Zoe might have a
heart attack if she realized that Yelena sneaked out. “I’ll tell your mommy first.”

“Please, no.” Yelena quickly stopped Jay.


“Because mommy keeps saying you’re not my daddy. She won’t let me play with you.” Yelena pouted

Jay’s heart was suddenly racing again-Yelena really might give him a heart attack eventually.

“Your mommy said you’re not my daughter?” he asked while trying to stay calm.

“No, Mommy only said you’re not my daddy. She never said I’m not your daughter,” Yelena replied

Though speechless, Jay was smiling, amusing by the girl’s naivete.

It was fine anyway, since he was not in a hurry to get answers.

Patting her little head, “Do you have your grandma’s number? I’ll tell her you’re with me, okay?”

“No!” Yelena refused to tell anyone-she just wanted to be with her daddy.

“Be a good girl now, Yelena,” Jay said mildly.

He had no experience with children.

Richard spent most of his toddler days abroad, and Cordy was on hand to babysit when he returned to

But for some reason, he seemed natural at coaxing Yelena, as if there was already a bond between
them already that sealed his fatherhood…

Jay’s heart skipped a beat then, since this was not confirmed yet.

“I can’t take you anywhere if I can’t tell your mommy or your grandma. They’re going to be very worried
if they can’t look for you,” Jay explained patiently.

“Okay.” Yelena finally agreed to it albeit reluctantly. “I have Grandma’s number in my bag. She told me
to call her if I ever get lost.”

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