Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 825

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Jay quickly took Clara’s number from Yelena’s bag and called it.

“Hello? I’m Jay Parker.”

“Mr. Parker?!” Clara was obviously surprised, unsure why he would call her and most importantly, how
he had her number.

“Yelena is with me—”

“What?!” Clara cried out in agitation before Jay could finish.

“Please calm down. She’s safe with me.”

“I’m fine, Grandma. I’m with Daddy,” Yelena chimed in.

“Daddy? What daddy?” Clara was even more perplexed.

“Anyway, Yelena came looking for me, and I agreed to play with her,” Jay said. “Don’t worry—I’ll take
good care of her.”

“O-Okay. Thank you,” Clara did not ask further questions, since there would only be more confusion
talking through the phone.

She would just have to ask Yelena when she returned.

“By the way, please don’t tell Zoe since she might be busy with rehearsals. I’ll bring Yelena home later,”
Jay added.


“See you,” he said and hung up politely.

“Are you really spending the day with me, Daddy?” Yelena asked nervously, but her eyes were filled
with hope.

“Yeah.” Jay nodded-he had never once skipped work over personal issues, but he had no choice but to
break that rule today.

“Yippee!” Yelena cheered. “I love you so much, Daddy!”

She even climbed up to her with her tiny frame, wrapped her little arms around Jay’s neck and gave
him a large smooch on the cheek.

Jay stiffened a little-there was just no describing that feeling he had just then, where warmth extended
down to the bottom of his heart.

After a while, he asked Yelena, “Where should we go?”

“The amusement park?”


“There’s so many rides, and they have stage shows and ice cream…”

Jay watched Yelena while she kept chattering away, her, the grin on his face never once fading.

He also wondered why he did not recognize Yelena as Zoe’s daughter before—he did find that face
familiar before, but now that he had a closer look, her appearance and temperament was no different
from Zoe’s as a child.

He told the chauffeur to the amusement park, and Yelena was beside herself with excitement when she

pulling Jay along and starting to run straight inside.

“Yelena.” Jay told her, holding her back for a moment, “Don’t run or you might fall.”

“I’ll be careful.”

“But I can’t keep up with this leg,” Jay said patiently.

Yelena finally glanced at his leg then, and Jay smiled. “You don’t like it, do you?”

“No, it’s okay,” Yelena said a little loudly. “I don’t mind what Daddy is like. I love Daddy!”

Her warmth left Jay all fuzzy, and he said, “Well, could you do Daddy a favor and walk a little slower?”

He was blushing when he called himself ‘daddy’, but fortunately, the face mask hid that from view.

“Okay,” Yelena quickly answered. “We can hold hands too, Daddy.” i

“Thanks, Yelena.”

“It’s alright. I’ll take care of you when you get older too,” Yelena said affectionately.

Jay smiled again—the girl certainly had foresight.

And with that, they had a happy day at the amusement park, while the studio was left in shock when
they received word that Jay had to leave for some personal issue.

Before this, any schedule and arrangement the man made would never change once it had been

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