Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 826

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Moreover, it had been several days since Jay had an actual rehearsal with his group of thespians, so
time was short.

And yet, he suddenly just upped and vanished, which left everyone bemused.

It only caused further confusion when he asked everyone to rehearse until past 8 PM before leaving.

What was this abuse of authority?! The man walked out on them but denied them the chance to slack
off too?!

Even Zoe, who knew Jay for years, could only say that he was just behaving very weirdly today.

But it was not like she could tell what he was intending anyway.

Eventually, it was 7 PM-Jay was ready to send Yelena home after playing with her for an entire day,
though not before buying her a grand feast.

Yelena was doleful when they returned to the car, however, and she asked Jay, “Can we see each
other again, Daddy?”

“Of course?”

“When will that be?” Yelena asked.

“Hmm. I’ll be busy the next few days. Once I’m done, I’ll come get you, okay?”

“Okay. I’ll be waiting for you, Daddy,” Yelena said seriously.


“When will you move in with us, Daddy?” Yelena then asked.


That was not a question he could answer—he had no idea what Zoe had in mind, nor was he a
hundred percent sure that Yelena was his.

After all, Zoe used to date Bob too…

However, Jay did not care.

In fact, he could accept Yelena, no matter who her father was.

Still, he was concerned that Zoe would not acknowledge him.

He glanced at Yelena’s luscious hair.

Finding the truth was easy, but he somehow did not want to confirm it either.

They arrived at Yelena’s home before 8 PM—Zoe would be still at the studio, and they would not run
into her.

When Clara saw Jay bring Yelena home, she thanked him endlessly for babysitting the girl for an entire
day, while Jay offered some polite exchanges in return.

“Please don’t tell Zoe that we went out today. She might get upset,” Jay added.

“Okay, but…” Clara nodded, hesitating for a moment before giving in and asking, “Yelena has been
saying that you’re her daddy. But are you really?”

“I don’t know, actually.” Jay smiled.

“But you and Zoe…” Clara murmured, watching her just then.

Jay simply kept smiling in silence, and Clara was basically positive right then that he was Yelena’s

She was convinced that it was Bob before and was left wondering when Zoe and Jay did the deed…

“I’m not sure because Zoe did not tell me,” Jay explained then. “That’s why I’d also rather you didn’t
ask her. Moreover, I’m sure she doesn’t want me seeing Yelena, so please don’t tell her about that
either, especially since I’ve promised Yelena to play with her more after I get less busy.”

“Okay.” Clara nodded, feeling that there was history between Jay and Zoe.

And given Zoe’s refusal to let anyone find out about Yelena, it probably meant that she refused to
accept Jay as Yelena’s father!

My number was the one I called you with this morning, so please save it. I’ll call you again when I meet
Yelena next time.”


“Well, it’s late, so I shan’t impose.”

“Daddy, are you leaving already?” Yelena appeared utterly reluctant to see him go.

“Yes, but I’ll come see you again when I’m less busy.”

“I love you, Daddy.” Yelena did not forget to declare that again.

“Me too,” Jay replied with a gaze of utter tenderness.

After Jay left, Clara could not help asking Yelena, “How did you manage to reach Mr. Parker, Yelena?
Was that why you asked me to get his number yesterday? Are you sure he’s your daddy?!”

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