Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 830

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Sean whipped out the lab test results on the tea leaves, which clearly stated that the substance it
contained could lead to a stroke.

Everyone was shocked after they read it.

“Where did you get this, Sean?!” Even Sean’s own father, Liam, was caught in disbelief.

“We gathered everything in his room and sent them for tests at the lab. The results are trustworthy.”

“And you’re sure Grandfather drank it?” Linus asked.


“What, just because you said so?! Do you even have proof?!” Linus appeared a little unnerved right

“I don’t-but I can bring this issue to the cops. They’ll find out for sure if there was deliberate harm
involved,” Sean said slowly and clearly.

“The cops?!” Paul cried out in agitation before Linus said anything else. “Don’t you know how that
would affect the family’s reputation? Do you want the whole family to find out that there’s discord in the
family, and that someone among us wants Dad dead?!”

“What are you getting agitated for?” Sean shot Paul a sharp, judgemental look right then. “Is there
something you’re worried about?!”

“Watch your mouth! I’m not worried about anything-l’m concerned about the family’s reputation!”

’’Are you saying that we should let Grandfather die for the sake of keeping our reputation? Understand
this-the first attempt on Grandfather’s life failed, so there would

definitely be a second. Or perhaps you would like everyone to keep living on the edge? Or are you
implying that there won’t be a second attempt while Grandfather is still unconscious?! We either
expose the culprit, or we’d all be responsible for neglecting his safety!”

Sean’s words were righteous and just, and Paul certainly had no comeback at that point.

Still, Linus quickly said, “I think this is too important for us to decide. Why don’t we wait until
Grandfather wakes up? I mean, he also cares a lot about the family’s reputation… If you make this
decision so soon and he proves unhappy about it, who will take the blame?”

“I will,” Sean said bluntly.

“Sean,” Liam said sternly right then.

He was never interested in taking over as head of the family and had every intention to let his brother
Paul do so, since Paul had been yearning for it since forever.

It was just unexpected that his son was that extraordinary and that interested in taking over, i

However, Sean remained determined. “I can only repeat what I said before-Grandfather’s life is far
more important

than anything else.”

Liam sighed at that.

He never held a candle to his own son.

Moreover, Liam’s father, Jesse, always had Sean follow him around and obviously held Sean in high
regard-one might even say that it was not up to Liam to educate his own son.

And having said this much, no one could argue against Sean -if Sean did not get the cops involved, it
meant they did not care about Jesse’s safety.

Who would even dare to go that far?!

“If there’s no more questions, I will be contacting the cops right now.”

And with those words, Sean whipped out his phone and called the cops, in full view of the rest of the
family and explaining every detail of their case.

Soon, the cops arrived at Cranston Hall, cordoning specific areas and taking away anything that looked
suspicious, as well as collecting testimonies from every family member before leaving.

“Is there anything else?” Paul asked Sean after the cops left.

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