Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 832

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Richard was stunned when he turned to look at his mother.

Her eyes were so red… Was she crying?

Nonetheless, Cordy’s phone started to ring just then, and Cordy blinked back her tears.

Seeing the caller, she answered it. “What is it, Patrick?”

“Are you in the capital at the moment? Could you come get me at the airport? I lost all my identification
and luggage, and I have nowhere to go.”

Patrick actually sounded hysterical.

Still, Cordy frowned. “What are you doing here?”

“You’re here, aren’t you? Wherever you go, I’ll be there.”

While Cordy was speechless, he quickly said, “Alright, let’s save the banter. Just come to the airport-l’m

Cordy sighed lengthily, but she ultimately took a cab and headed to the airport with Richard to get

Soon, when they were all in the cab, a speechless Cordy asked, “How did you lose everything?”

Even Patrick was speechless as he explained, “I left my luggage at Rocktown Airport and forgot to
check it in. As for my certifications, I remember heading to the washroom, and then not remembering
where I put it. I couldn’t find it anywhere I went, and told the airport staff about me. They cant find
anything either, but assured me that they will keep looking and call me when they find it.”

Cordy really wanted to curse out loud. She growled through her teeth, “Why didn’t you get lost, then?”

“It’s not all my fault.” Patrick threw his hands up. “I had to work overtime for three days, including
working all the way to midnight yesterday just to take a week off and come visit you. My whole head is
still muddled, and I’m still in a blur right now. I’d never notice it even if you sold me off.”

“How much would you be worth anyway?” Cordy snapped.

“What do you mean? I’m bi, so I’d be worth more,” Patrick said a little smugly.

‘Goddamned pervert.’

Cordy took Patrick to her hotel and helped him check-in with electronic certification-he would be
sleeping on the street otherwise.

Although she asked the receptionist to get Patrick a room close to hers, the receptionist apologized,
saying all the rooms were booked.

“Really? There’s no holiday and it’s not the travel season now, is it?” Cordy was at a loss for words.

“Sorry, but we just received a foreign travel group and it’s quite a large group. We’re really sorry.” The
receptionist kept apologizing.

Having no choice, Cordy told Patrick, “I guess you have to stay in another hotel.”

Patrick refused. “Nope. I’m staying with you in the same hotel-1 traveled all the way here. I can’t bear
to stay away from you.”

Cordy was irritated right then. “Well, what can we do? There are no rooms.”

“I could stay in your room. It’s a suite, right? I can’t stay in the same room with Dicky.”

“I don’t like sleeping with others.” Richard refused right then.

Seeing Richard’s wounded look, Patrick suddenly yawned.” Well, I can take the couch.”

Cordy could tell that he was clearly sleepy, and remembering that he mentioned how he worked so
hard, she felt a little guilty.

“Fine. Let’s stay elsewhere.”

“I know you love me, Cordy.” Patrick was grinning like a 200- pound idiot.

“Shove it.” Cordy rolled her eyes.

She checked out, but just as she was about to head to another hotel with Patrick, she suddenly
remembered something. “Should we just stay at Cranston Hall? There’s plenty of guest rooms there—
they won’t miss one.”

“Are you doing this on purpose, Cordy?” Patrick pouted. “You know Sean Cranston doesn’t like me.”

“It’s either that or the street,” Cordy snapped in annoyance.

Patrick leveled a wounded look at her.

“I’m staying there tonight anyway,” she added, since she could go to the hospital with Sean tomorrow
without having him make a detour for her.

She had turned down Sean’s offer to let her stay at Cranston Hall because of John earlier, but it was
pointless now.

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