Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 835

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The next day, Cordy prepared to go with Sean to the hospital to visit Jesse.

“Can I join you?” Patrick asked.

“Why?” Sean almost protested immediately.

’My grandfather was an acquaintance of your grandfather, and he asked me to visit him. Or aren’t I

Sean pursed his lips while Cordy tried to calm things down.” He’s here anyway. Let him visit.”

Cordy naturally knew that Sean and Patrick were at odds and mainly because of her.

However, while Sean stopped arguing at that, only for Patrick to smugly raise his brow.

Sean was at a loss for words. “Childish.”

“Did you just call me childish again?!” Patrick was incensed again-the words were a direct humiliation
to him!

Sean was not bothered to retort. He simply turned to Cordy and said, “I’ll get the car ready. You just
head outside when you finish breakfast.”


Sean left.

Cordy turned and shot Patrick a glare, who felt a little guilty right then.

“Do you know that we’re living in someone else’s house right now?” she snapped, a little speechless.
“Can’t you cool off a little? I know that the Cranstons aren’t as vicious as the rumors say, but they are a
grand dynasty. I mean, would you yap like that when you’re at home?”

“I just can’t stand him.”

“You have to stand him even if you can’t. That, or you’re looking for a hotel on your own.”

Patrick said nothing else and left right away after breakfast.

Richard naturally followed them, since Cordy was worried about leaving Richard alone at Cranston
Hall, given how things were with the family.

A time bomb was hidden among them, and who knew when it would explode?

As they arrived at the hospital and the elevator doors opened, Cordy froze for a moment, while Sean
and Patrick saw John as well.

Richard was excited. “What are you doing here, Lucas? To check on your leg?”

John’s leg was still plastered, but he was using a crutch instead of a wheelchair for convenience.

Before John could answer, Nana spoke beside him. “No, Dicky. Lucas came to accompany me—he’s
worried about

me coming alone, so he came even though his leg was hurt.”

Dicky wrinkled his nose, clearly upset.

What was Lucas doing with this woman again?

Should he not leave her and be together with Mommy again?

What was he thinking?!

He suddenly wanted to beat Lucas up, but was worried he would get punished…

“Are you alright?” Sean asked Nana just then.

“Well, my health’s always been bad, so it’s normal to get sick. Lucas always gets paranoid, so he
insisted that I get checked here at the hospital,” Nana complained, though there was a look of bliss on
her face.

Cordy glanced at John just then.

He returned her gaze but remained silent.

“If you’re done, then make way,” Patrick growled impatiently. “Don’t you think it’s impolite, blocking our
way into the elevator?”

Patrick’s sudden hostility left Nana a little embarrassed.

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