Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 837

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However, John knew very well how he felt about Cordy- never had he felt such overwhelming emotion,
as if it had been pent-up within him for years and now unstoppable after it had been unleashed.

His heart would race just from remembering Cordy, and he would feel a terrible yearning to see her and
the impulse to keep her constantly by his side.

He had never felt that way toward Nana before, and he understood that he was not infatuated.

This was an obsession of a lifetime, which was why he was determined to break up with Nana-it was
better to be hurt for a moment than forever, and he was certainly reluctant to be hesitant, which would
only cause more damage in time.

Still, he could admit that he felt like he owed Nana, and he decided he would not refuse her if she ever
came to him for help-but he refused to be coerced into staying in this relationship.

That was why he was unmoved despite all of Nana’s attempts to convince him otherwise… But when
he returned to the hotel afterwards and intended to tell Cordy he was single again, Nana’s father called
him, saying that Nana had slit her wrist when she got home.

There was a moment when he decided against going to the hospital-he knew that if he gave in now, he
would have an

even harder time trying to break up with Nana, even if it meant feeling guilty.

Moreover, he was sure that the Lynds would save Nana no matter what it took.

That was why he refused, but before he could hang up, Keith Lynd threatened, “Don’t forget you’re in
the capital right now, Lucas, and who owns this city! Don’t think the Cranstons can protect you just

because you’re with Cordy Sachs now- I can tell you that she can’t, and you’d be dragging her down
with you! Before Jesse Cranston wakes up, no one would be there to protect Cordy Sachs, so you’d
better think if you are coming to the hospital! Don’t ruin a good thing for yourself and others!” 1

With that, the man hung up, while Lucas’ hand shook even as he grasped his phone.

However, John soon found himself standing outside Cordy’s hotel room for a long while, but he could
not find the courage to knock and enter.

Keith was right—things were uncertain among the Cranstons, and if Jesse never woke up, the family
would start fighting among themselves.

Once that happened, no one would be there to help Cordy, and if the Lynds went after her… she was
alone, and she would never win.

But to give in like this? He could not do it either, because he was not a man who took anything lying

Even if he had no idea what Cordy would give up for his sake, he knew for sure that he could give up
everything for her—he would not care even if the Lynds took everything from him. i

Who knew? Maybe Cordy could do it too.

John’s heart began to race-for some reason, that hunch seemed to feel so real.

As such, he decided to tell Cordy everything right then.

Whatever happened, this was between them and he could not decide on it alone. If Cordy was willing
to stand with him against any external influence, he would no longer hesitate. But if Cordy refused…

He would not drag her down with him anyway.

However, just as John was about to knock on her door, he felt a sharp pain in his neck and fainted right

He was too engrossed in his thoughts to notice the men who suddenly appeared at the hotel walkway.

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