Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 841

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Cordy and Patrick were surprised by what Sean said, since they presumed that they would be leaving
by cable car.

Naturally, there was a 60% chance there would not be cable cars available, and they could not tell if the
cable cars were still operating.

The only options in that case would be hiking off the mountain or staying the night on the mountain.

It never crossed their mind that Sean would directly arrange for a helicopter to take them home, and
the arrangement was undoubtedly better.

They came here on a while without bringing clothes or anything else to stay the night. Suddenly staying
was naturally a little uncomfortable.

Moreover, it was very cold at this hour even with cable cars, and frosting might occur on the cables.

And if they walk on foot, their legs might give up before they do.

On the other hand, a helicopter would afford them yet another admiration of the mountains’ beauty and
the infinite vastness of the horizon.

Cordy actually wondered if she did not know Sean as well as she thought-he was definitely not as stiff
as he usually looked.

Who knew, there might be a spot of romance hidden in the depths of his heart, even if it felt weird to
describe him with that word.

But whatever.

Cordy decided she could just enjoy Sean’s arrangements for the time being, i

The helicopter landed at a spa resort at the foot of the mountain, and when the stewards led them to
the private pool, Patrick realized that Sean really did bring him to a spa as suggested.

Did Sean just change out of the blue? Was Sean not constantly at odds with him?!

“Don’t give yourself too much credit,” Sean said icily then.” This is mainly for Cordy and Dicky. They
need to relax after running around with you for an entire day.”

Patrick rolled his eyes at Sean—he was not emotional.

The spa was cordoned by genres, so Richard was tagging along with Patrick and Sean.

“Do we have to go in naked?” Patrick asked one of the staff just then.

“Yes, sir,” the staff member replied respectfully. “It helps your whole body relax. But don’t worry-it is
plenty safe here since you won’t be disturbed. After you’re done, we will also provide a full body

Patrick was unaccustomed to getting naked in the presence of others, however. “Are there other

“Sorry, sir, but we don’t.” The staff member apologized.” Every other private pool has been booked, and
only public pools remain.”

“Well, do you have swimming trunks available? I was thinking I could put it on as I bathe…”

“Sorry, sir, but we don’t.” The staff member apologized again. “Also, any item of clothing is prohibited
from the pools.”

“Very well.” Sean said nothing else and turned toward Richard. “Get undressed yourself, Dicky. Let’s
take a dip in the spa.”


Richard was ten years old and could basically take care of himself, and he did not hesitate to strip
down and enter the spa, floating on it and clearly enjoying it.

Sean did not drag his feet either and took off his bathrobe before getting in the spa as well.

Patrick stared at his body-he was so refined and cultured that it was surprising to see him muscular.

“Wait for us outside if you’re not getting in,” Sean said bluntly just then.

“Who said I’m not getting in?!” Patrick snapped angrily just then.

He had the guts, but was just not used to it…

But they were all men. Why did he need to get used to this?

Without hesitation, he took off his bathrobe and jumped straight into the spa, kicking up a large wave
and splashing Richard and Sean all over.

“How about we splash each other, Dicky?” Patrick beckoned at Richard eagerly.

“Nope,” Richard refused-he was not a child.

“Come on, you’re only ten. Be livelier.” Patrick remained undeterred.

Richard still shook his head-he disliked strenuous activities these days and preferred to stay still.

Seeing that Richard was not budging, Patrick took the initiative and splashed Richard.

Caught off guard, Richard got hit squarely in the face, and his little brow frowned right then.

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