Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 840

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Patrick was glowering.

Sean was unquestionably an obstacle on his path to love and was truly despicable.

Nonetheless, Sean suddenly asked Patrick, “Where to?”

Patrick did a double take, stunned by the sudden question.

Why was he being so polite?

Still, he growled grumpily, ”1 don’t know my way around.”

“Then I’ll make the arrangements.”

Patrick actually expected nothing from Sean’s arrangements, and it would be perfunctory at best.

He was therefore surprised when Sean arranged an itinerary for an entire day. It was not the one where
they just idled to pass the time either, but a reasonably arranged trip.

Their first stop was a famous ancient site in the capital. It was interesting when they first visited, but it
could get stale if they just walked around, which was why Sean arranged for a good tour guide to tell
them all about the place.

The next stop was to the restaurant with the capital’s best local cuisine. Naturally, they might get
drowsy after filling their stomachs, so Sean arranged for them to change into a luxurious MPV, allowing
them to rest and recharge before they arrived at the third stop: a famous mountain an hour’s drive
away from the capital.

They certainly could not climb it in such short notice, so Sean arranged for a cable car that took them
halfway up the mountain. They then got off, walking on foot over the most scenic route, before
returning to the cable cars when they reached a steeper section.

Be that as it may, they were all exhausted by the time they reached the summit.

Fortunately, the sun was just setting when they arrived, and the horizon glowed with the lingering glow
of twilight.

At that very moment, Cordy was impressed by Sean’s pinpoint precision with time management.

If they had been a little late, they would have completely missed the most beautiful view of the city.

Soon, twilight was over and the skies turned dark.

The temperature on the mountain quickly dropped in turn, though Sean soon brought them several
trench coats out of nowhere.

Moreover, each was brand new and definitely kept them warm, and they headed to the restaurant at
the top of the mountain.

Although he had not actually been here before, Patrick had heard that it would take up to ten days or
even two weeks to book a table there, and there would definitely be no vacant spots.

And yet here they were, sitting leisurely and admiring the scenery of the valley beneath from the best

Naturally, Patrick was not all that impressed-getting a booking was easy for Sean’s status, and he did
not need to get too emotional.

At most, he could just admit that Sean was competent.

“It’s so beautiful here.” Cordy could not help exclaiming in awe as she gazed upon the starry skies
above. >

“They do say that this is the most beautiful place in the capital,” Sean said. “Though it’s my first time
here.” ’

“Wait, your first time?” Cordy was a little surprised.

“Yeah,” Sean replied.

“You’ve never been here with your wife?”

“Nope,” Sean replied a little coolly-he never liked talking about his wife.

Even if they wanted to call it an arranged marriage, his wife’s family dulled in comparison to the
Cranstons’ wealth and influence.

But if that was not an arranged marriage, one would never find any affection from their relationship.

“Bring her here next time,” Cordy said nonchalantly.

“Yeah.” Sean nodded noncommittally.

After dinner, Patrick stretched his arms, “Well, we’ve been walking a lot, driving around and climbing up
a mountain. My back’s sore now… It would be perfect if we had a spa

around here.”

Sean glanced at Patrick then while he returned Sean’s gaze.” That’s called life and enjoyment. It’s
alright, you won’t get it.”

Sean ignored Patrick and whipped out his phone to make a call.

After a while, Sean said, “Let’s go. We’re getting off the mountain on a chopper.”

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