Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 843

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Being caught off guard, Sean choked on several mouthfuls of water vigorously.

He got up angrily and looked at Patrick, who had gotten away with his scheme. “All’s fair in fights.”

Patrick failed in the water fight he had with Sean just now to the point he could not even open his eyes.
Of course, he had to take revenge.


Patrick was only smug for less than two seconds, for Sean abruptly pressed Patrick’s body into the

It was beyond Patrick’s imagination that Sean was so cunning, so he choked on several mouthfuls of
water until his face was flushed.

“Pfft!” Sean laughed coldly.

He looked down at Patrick.

Of course, Patrick could not stand being stimulated by Sean.

He stepped forward and was about to fight against Sean.

Richard was near them at first, but now he hurriedly took a few steps back for fear that he would be
harmed when they got into a fight later.

He could not figure out why they were so childish to that extent given that they were grown-ups.

Did they want to fight against each other?

Why didn’t anyone stop them?

Richard noticed that the waiters at the side were dumbfounded because of what they had seen.

They probably had never met such customers.

However, both Sean and Patrick refused to step down.

They would not admit defeat at all.

They pressed each other into the water in turn, and they almost drank up all the water in the pool.

Hence, Richard could not help but say weakly, “Can we ask the waiters to give us a massage? My
body is very sore.”

Both Sean and Patrick stopped.

They probably felt that they were not very mature to behave that way in front of children.

However, Patrick slipped when they let go of each other.

Slipping and staggering before he lurched toward Sean’s arms, he also held Sean’s body with both
hands out of fear and instinct.

When he was still in lingering fear, he heard Sean’s cold words. “Did you throw yourself into my arms?”

“Get lost!” Patrick quickly let go of Sean and took a few steps back. “Let me tell you. I’m a straight guy.”

Sean still wore his mocking sneer before he turned around and looked at Richard. He appeared much
gentler now.” Come with me. Let’s go for a massage.”


Richard left with Sean.

Before he left, he whispered to Sean, “I don’t want him to be my daddy. He’s too childish.”

Consequently, Sean was rendered speechless. Was that the legendary way of ruining a man by
torturing his heart?

It was past eleven at night after taking a bath and spa.

After such an activity, they were exhausted, and they slept in the SUV to return to Cranston Villa.

It was very quiet in the car.

Cordy’s phone that she had put on silent mode suddenly lit up.

She was very sleepy too, but she did not doze off.

After learning that John was still alive, the quality of her sleep had become better.

Of course, she was always worried and reckless.

Sometimes, she would wake up suddenly while she was sleeping.

She was afraid that everything was but a dream.

She glanced at her phone and noticed that it was a WhatsApp message from Nana.

There was only a photograph in the message.

It was Nana’s intimate group photograph with John.

However, Nana immediately deleted it the next moment, as if she had accidentally sent that message
to Cordy.

Cordy pretended that she did not see the photograph.

She put her phone into her bag before she closed her eyes and rested.

They then arrived at Cranston Villa.

Everyone was sleeping soundly except Cordy, who was half awake.

Even Sean dozed off.

Cordy moved slightly before she patted Sean gently. “We’ve arrived.”

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