Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 845

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Patrick brushed past Sean.

“Hey.” Sean stopped him.

Patrick ignored Sean, feeling that he did not have to seek humiliation.

When he was leaving, a person grabbed his body fiercely with one hand.

Patrick furrowed his brows, and before he could resist, Sean pulled him away.

“Hey! Are you out of your mind?” Patrick roared at Sean.

While he was cursing, Patrick dragged him away.

Cordy watched their backs.

Sean would not grab the chance and beat up Patrick just because Patrick confessed his love for Cordy.

Besides, she did not accept him.

Of course, Cordy did not meddle in that either.

Sean always had a sense of propriety.

If Sean hit Patrick, then Patrick must have done something to deserve that.

She returned to her room.

Sitting on the sofa, she suddenly did not feel like moving.

She was exhausted after such a long day, but she was still not sleepy.

She recalled Patrick’s confession just now. She would have had feelings regardless of the kind of
attitude she had kept in front of Patrick all this while. She would find it hard and feel sorry for him just
because she refused him.

Cordy bit her lips gently.

The scene of John being with Nana today appeared in her mind that way.

‘John, do you deserve it? Should I wait for you forever?’

In Patrick’s room in Cranston Villa, the tea table was full of beer bottles.

Patrick was confused. His confession was

Did Sean want to drink beer to celebrate?

His cousin finally could refrain from being tormented by Patrick.


Why was he so wicked?

Patrick looked on coldly as Sean uncapped the beer bottles, opening at least ten bottles of beer.

How happy was Sean? He yearned to get drunk.

“Let’s drink?” Sean asked Patrick.

At that moment, there were some dishes on the tea table to enjoy with the beer.

“Why should I drink?” Patrick turned him down.

‘If you’re happy, enjoy yourself. Don’t ask me to join you!

‘My heart is shattered to pieces.’

“Let’s drown in our sorrow.”

“I’m afraid you’re celebrating.” Patrick raised a sarcastic remark.

“We’re drinking. Why should we talk about the reasons?”

“No, I don’t want to.”

“Don’t you want a drink?”

“No, I don’t want to.”

Sean stopped persuading Patrick and started drinking on his own.

Hence, Patrick became quite helpless.

‘I don’t want to drink. Why don’t you f*cking go back to your room to drink?

‘It’s the middle of the night! Of course I want to sleep.

Motherf*cker! I can’t even cry in bed.’ 1

Patrick watched as Sean drank two large glasses of beer.


‘You won.’

Patrick walked toward the sofa, and Sean smiled secretly.

“Let me be frank with you. I don’t want to drink with you. I’m not going to drown in my sorrow either. I
always advance bravely and go all the way down. Even if Cordy refused me today, I can continue
confessing my love for her tomorrow. I’m not sad,” Patrick elaborated.

However, Sean smiled but said nothing.

“I just want to finish drinking all the beer and turn in early. You’re stopping me from sleeping.”

“Hmm,” Sean replied.

When Patrick found that Sean had no intention of laughing at him, he picked up the glass and started
drinking, He did not really feel like drinking.

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