Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 846

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However, Patrick could not stop drinking after he had started.

Even though he was stubborn, he had to admit that he was slightly sad.

After so many years, Cordy did not waver at all.

John had turned into ashes. What was she still holding onto?

Was she so cruel?

Patrick became sadder as he dwelled on it, so he drank more.

“Hey, drink less.” Sean tried to stop Patrick from drinking so recklessly.

‘”You’re so odd. You asked me to drink just now, but now you stopped me from drinking. Sean, am I so
detestable? Do you want to stand against me no matter what?”‘ Patrick’s eyes became slightly blurry,
and he almost could not see the person before him.

“I asked you to drink to ease your mood, but I didn’t ask you to drink so recklessly.” Sean sounded
aloof. “Stop drinking. It’s almost time. Just go to bed.”

“Sean, I… Ah!”

Patrick suddenly screamed as he felt his body being lifted all of a sudden.

Sean had carried Patrick on his shoulders.

“This son of a b*tch…

“I’m going to throw up, but he tortures me so.’

“Just sleep.” Sean carried Patrick to bed before he forcefully put the blanket on Patrick and threatened,
“Sleep now. If not, I’ll drive you out of my home tomorrow, so you won’t be able to see Cordy again.”

“You’re f*cking cruel!” Patrick gnashed his teeth.

He closed his eyes in annoyance.

He was not at all sleepy, but when he closed his eyes, he became sleepy.

He dozed off in less than ten minutes and even snored.

Sean chuckled.

‘I thought he was very stubborn, but he’s just a kid.’ ‘

Sean then got up to leave.

Before leaving, he turned around to glance at Patrick again.

After that, he left.

In North City, Zoe’s rehearsal during this period was relatively intense.

She would always sleep right after she returned home from rehearsal.

After she took a bath and came out, she found Yelena lying in her bed.

“Why aren’t you asleep at such a late hour?” Zoe yawned and asked her.

“I want to sleep with you tonight.”

“I’m very tired these days. After a few days…” Zoe could not bring herself to say anything anymore.

She found it hard to refuse Yelena when she saw Yelena’s aggrieved and sad face.

“Let’s sleep together. Don’t blame me if you catch a cold.” Zoe made a stand first.

“Mommy, I’ll tuck myself in. I’m all grown up.” Yelena made a guarantee seriously.

“Okay.” Zoe smiled dotingly.

They then got under the blanket.

Zoe had almost dozed off, when Yelena suddenly spoke up,” Mommy, can I look at your phone?”

“What time is it now? Why do you want to look at the phone? ” Zoe yawned and asked. “You can use it
after we wake up tomorrow. I find that you’ve become quite obsessed with using phones.”

“Mommy, I’ll just look at it for a while.”

“Yelena, be good.”

“Mommy, I’m begging you…” Yelena made a fuss beside Zoe’s ear.

Zoe was very sleepy, so she could not take it anymore. She picked up her phone and unlocked it. “Just
for a while.” i

“Thank you, Mommy. Sleep early. I will charge your phone later.”

Zoe could not hold on any longer.

She turned around and dozed off.

That smart kid, Yelena, clicked on WhatsApp quickly after she got the phone. She found her daddy’s
profile picture and clicked into the chat log. She then sent a voice message.” Good night, Daddy.”

Her childish voice was sent over in a voice message.

After that, she put the phone down with satisfaction.

Her father did not have time to take her out for fun these days, but she missed him very much.

She dozed off after she put the phone down, not knowing that Jay had replied to her message.

She threw herself into Zoe’s embrace softly and slept soundly.

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