Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 850

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The two of them walked into Zoe’s bedroom.

“Just ask me whatever you want to ask.” Zoe did not want to keep it a secret any longer.

She found it quite exhaustive to hide it from others.

Coincidentally, the mass media exposed it, so she might as well let it all go to hell.

“It’s Jay’s, right?” Quinn went straight to the point.

Zoe was still slightly surprised.

Although she knew that both Quinn and Cordy would be able to guess it, they did not seem to doubt
that Yelena was Bob’s child.

“Did you hide because you gave birth to his child?” Quinn narrowed her eyes slightly.

“No.” Zoe immediately denied that. “I thought of leaving before I confirmed that I was pregnant because
I was very sad at that time. I felt that North City hurt me too much.”

“Is Jay that kind of irresponsible person?” Quinn asked.” Didn’t he try to keep you?”

“Keep?” Zoe sneered.

She waited for Jay for a day but at last, he did not even call her.

Forget it.

It was just an accident.

If it were not for the fact that she had Yelena, she would have forgotten everything about that, i

“I think Jay isn’t that kind of irresponsible person. Is there any misunderstanding between you two?”

“What misunderstanding can there be? Well, there might be. The biggest misunderstanding between
us was that I always thought that he liked me.”

“Jay likes you.” Quinn sounded certain.

All sensitive people could see that.

“He’s good at pretending,” Zoe replied straightforwardly.

“Zoe, I think you may have some misunderstanding toward Jay.” Quinn was very serious.

“No.” Zoe was certain.

“I think…”

“Both you and Cordy could guess that Yelena is Jay’s child. Do you think Jay couldn’t figure it out,
given how smart he is? However, he never gave me a call after this thing happened up until now. He
didn’t even message me to ask me about it.” Zoe smiled in a very cold manner. “What do you think this

“It means that he’s trying to figure out a way to resolve it.”

“You guys think too highly of him. He’s not such a good person as you see. He’s a… How should I put
it? Maybe it’s because he’s an adopted son. His thoughts are darker and more meticulous than
ordinary people’s. You can’t figure out what’s on his mind.”

“I think you hold some prejudices against Jay.”

“Why do you have to take his side?”

“It’s because he’s not how you made him out to be. Although I hated him very much because of you in
the past, he’s not a playboy after I got in touch with him. Let me put it this way. Other than Mandy, do
you see him having any kind of entanglement with any woman after so many years?

“How do you know he doesn’t have those in private? Quinn, you think the entertainment circle is very
simple, but those shameless things in this circle are beyond your imagination… It

“I believe that there are still noble and innocent people in the entertainment circle because of you,”
Quinn explained before she added, “You’re not the only one.”

Zoe looked at Quinn.

She was quite touched because of Quinn’s approval of her.


Zoe said with certainty again, “But Jay isn’t one of those innocent people.”

“Are you afraid of believing him again?” Quinn suddenly raised a query.

“No, I’m not.”

“You’re afraid. Is that why you find him so repulsive?”

“I told you I’m not.”


“Quinn, romantic affairs concern two people. I can deeply feel how he feels about me.”

“No. Sometimes, the concerned people are blinded to the fact.” Quinn denied that.

Thus, Zoe was at a loss for words.

It seemed that Quinn would affirm what she felt regardless of what Zoe said.

So, Zoe changed the subject. “Let’s not talk about him and help me think of ways to deal with Yelena’s
exposure. I don’t want her to get hurt because of me. If I’m more selfish, I don’t want my entertainment
career to be ruined at this moment too, since I finally started my career after much difficulty.”

“I think you should discuss it with Jay.” Quinn gave a very sincere suooestion.

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