Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 847

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The next day, Zoe quickly jumped out of bed when her alarm clock rang. She then turned it off for fear
that she might wake Yelena up.

She stretched her body before she got out of bed, and she did not dare to sleep a little longer for fear
that she would doze off.

After she woke up, she would habitually sit on the toilet bowl for a while with her phone to scroll through
the latest news.

When she clicked on her phone, she found an unread WhatsApp message.

She often put the general group chats on silent mode. So, the messages that popped up were either
people looking for her or it was a very important group message.

She quickly clicked on it.

When she opened it, she was stupefied.

Jay had sent her a voice message in the middle of the night. Was he out of his mind?

When she looked at it carefully, she found something amiss.

It was because she was the one who sent him a message, so he replied with a voice message.

However, she remembered that she did not send him a voice message the night before. She did not
have wine either, so she would not have forgotten what she had done just because she was drunk.

At that moment, she suddenly thought of Yelena, who had wanted to look at her phone before sleeping.


Zoe became nervous.

‘What did this witty girl do?’

With trembling fingers, she clicked on the voice message Yelena sent to Jay. “Good night, Daddy.”

Zoe had prepared herself well, but she still felt like she had received a blow when she heard that. 1

What else couldn’t Yelena do?

Why did she know that it was Jay’s WhatsApp account and that he was her daddy?

Zoe forced herself to calm down before she clicked on Jay’s voice message. “Good night, baby.”

Zoe suddenly felt as if she had been struck by lightning.

It was not that Jay’s voice was tender or corny.

The problem was the two of them reached a tacit understanding.

What did Jay know?

Did he see Yelena that day?

But after that day, Jay did not act differently. He did not even ask her anything, so she felt that Jay did
not see Yelena, or he did not care.

He was always such an aloof person. In short, he would not meddle in irrelevant things.

However, she admitted that she was confused at this moment.

She yearned to hit Yelena’s hips now.

Why did Yelena always create trouble for her?

Zoe quickly washed up, put on her makeup, and left.

However, Yelena was still sleeping soundly.

Her ignorance of worldly affairs was just too annoying.

Zoe arrived at the TV station, where many actors had come one after another.

Jay arrived very soon.

That day was the final private practice, and they had to rehearse on the spot that night. It was the
competition the day after tomorrow.

Everyone was very nervous, so they became very energetic and focused.

Zoe was the only one who was a little absent-minded.

Oh gosh! She would inevitably recall the conversation between Jay and Yelena whenever she saw his

“Zoe.” Jay noticed that at a glance. “Be serious.”

Zoe nodded. “I’m sorry.”

So, she did not dare to be absent-minded from now on.

If she was absent-minded, she would affect others’ progress and the background of their emotions.

However, she became restless again when she took a rest.

She stole glances at Jay from time to time. When she saw him sitting alone in the wheelchair with his
head low to study the script, she yearned to go to him. However, she was hesitant all that while.


Jay suddenly called her name.

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