Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 851

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Zoe was speechless.

Jay’s name just had to keep popping up.

Was she unable to survive without him?

If Jay really wanted to take responsibility, he would already have done so. He did not need to bury his
head in the sand and pretend he did not know anything.

“He won’t take responsibility for this. It’s that simple.’ Zoe did not want to explain any further.

It would just be a waste of breath.

Quinn wanted to say more but someone suddenly knocked on the door.

Clara opened the door and poked her head in. “Zoe, Jay is here.”

Zoe was stunned.

The look on Quinn’s eyes clearly said, ‘I told you so. I know Jay Parker isn’t like what you described
him to be.’

“What are you doing just standing there? Go out and discuss with Jay how to deal with the news,”
Quinn urged.

Zoe pursed her lips.

She eventually walked out of the room with Quinn.

Jay was carrying Yelena in the living room.

Yelena wrapped herself around Jay as she said, “Daddy, are you here to bring me out to play? But
Mommy is at home today. Aren’t you afraid that she’ll see you?”

Zoe furrowed her brows.

What did Yelena say?!

Quinn was shocked too, but she quickly figured out what was happening.

Clearly, Yelena and Jay had been in contact since long ago, yet Zoe thought that Jay was still clueless.

How could someone as smart as Jay be clueless about it?

When news broke out today, Jay did not respond immediately, and it was probably because he already
knew that Zoe had a daughter. Given his personality, he must have wanted to think through how to deal
with the entire situation before coming to find Zoe.

Jay saw Zoe come out of the room along with Quinn.

He put Yelena down and said, “Daddy has something to discuss with Mommy today. Play by yourself
for now, all right?”

“No.” Yelena tightened her arms around Jay’s neck. “I want Daddy.”

“Yelena, be good.”

“I want to play with Daddy.” Yelena turned to face Jay with those large, innocent eyes that one would
find hard to reject.

Zoe and Quinn saw the tender look on Jay’s face, his eyes brimming with love, as he said, “After
Daddy and Mommy are done talking, Daddy will play with Yelena, okay?”

“Can Daddy sleep with Yelena? Daddy will sleep with Yelena tonight,” Yelena said innocently.

Jay pursed his lips. Of course, he could not promise her.

Just because he wanted to stay behind did not mean Zoe would let him.

“Daddy, don’t you want to stay with me?” Yelena’s eyes turned red as tears welled up in her eyes.

Quinn witnessed for herself some serious acting chops right there.

Yelena’s expressions were so on point-did she get it from Zoe?


If Zoe had Yelena’s emotional intelligence, she would not have suffered so much in her love life.

“I promise to only leave after you fall asleep, okay?” Jay immediately gave in.

“Okay.” Yelena nodded.

Her eyes twinkled, knowing that she succeeded in getting her way.

Quinn could not help but smile.

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