Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 848

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Zoe was shocked.

She wondered if he had eyes on his back. Why did he notice that she was stealing glances at him?

“Come here. Let me tell you something about your script,” Jay said.


Zoe hurriedly walked over.

While watching the video replay of their rehearsal today, Jay was comparing their lines.

He circled something on the script and paused at the place of her part before he said, “Your emotion
here isn’t enough, and your line wavers. You should study it well and be careful when you go onstage

“Okay.” Zoe nodded.

Jay was a very attentive director. He could very accurately find the smallest flaw in acting.

“Is there anything else?” Zoe asked.

“No. Help me get Candice over,” Jay uttered.

“Hmm,” Zoe answered, but she did not leave.

“Is there anything else?” Jay fixed his gaze on the screen without looking at Zoe.

“I didn’t send the voice message last night,” Zoe explained.

After that, she panicked even more.

If she claimed that she was not the one who sent the message, was she not admitting that she had a
daughter called Yelena at home?

She hurriedly explained, “I mean to say that it wasn’t meant for you.”

Jay seemed to have tightened his grasp around the pen slightly.

“Who was it meant for?”

“Well, it wasn’t for you. I just thought that the childish voice was very pleasant, so I downloaded it from
the Internet. But I accidentally sent it to you, which was beyond my expectation.” Zoe laughed with a
shaky voice.

“Got it,” Jay answered lightly.

After that, he remained quiet.

So, was that it?

Didn’t he ask anything else?

Was he not doubtful?

“What’s the matter?” Jay looked at her and asked.

“Nothing. I’ll get Candice for you.” Zoe immediately left.

She was worried the whole morning, but it was pointless.

Jay did not take that voice message seriously at all.

She was making a big fuss out of nothing.

After she thought it through, she was much more relaxed.

She did not notice that Jay’s gaze changed after she left.

Zoe made a strong comeback during the competition the next day.

She was the greatest unexpected winner in that competition.

Previously, many people thought lowly of her, but in the final two competitions, she had won first place
among the audience in terms of popularity, and now she was ranked third in terms of off-set voting. Her
popularity surged high.

After that competition, she started to get jobs.

Of course, she was not blinded by her current achievements. She still filtered the jobs very carefully.
Besides, she stated that she would not let her jobs influence the shooting time of the competition.

During this period, she still went all out during the competition.

She knew very well that it was the competition that helped her to gain popularity and fame, so she
could not value unimportant stuff instead of the truly important ones.

Undeniably, everything now was going in the best direction for her.

If something did not happen out of the blue…

It was beyond her expectation that she would be targeted by paparazzi when she had just gained a bit
of fame.

It had been a very long time since someone stalked her, so she did not realize that there were some
people around when she went out with Yelena. After that, the news of her having a child before
marriage was reported eagerly by various media.

For a moment, she became the greatest hit in the entertainment circle, and she was the most popular
search query.

Zoe had yet to deal with the mass media when both Cordy and Quinn bombarded her even more

They took turns to call her, but she did not dare to answer their calls.

So, they bombarded her with WhatsApp messages this time around.

At last, Quinn went to her house.

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