Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 853

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“Since you’re willing to sacrifice yourself to suppress the news, why don’t you expose another scandal
of your own like the last time and help cover up my news?” Zoe said coldly.

Quinn thought she must have heard Zoe wrongly.

Wasn’t that being too harsh on Jay?!

How could Zoe be capable of something like that?

This woman had no compassion whatsoever.

Jay had already compromised so much, yet she was still not satisfied.

Who did she think she was?!

Quinn scolded Zoe in her heart countless times over, but on account of Zoe being her good friend, she
could not bring herself to scold Zoe outright.

She was that… biased.

She simply looked at Jay turning quiet.

Quinn felt rather nervous as she chanted in her heart for Jay not to agree to Zoe’s request.

Otherwise, it would be harder for him to pursue Zoe.

She saw this as the golden opportunity to tie the two of them together, never to be parted again.

Everyone could see how much importance Zoe placed on her career in showbiz.

“No way,” Jay suddenly said.

Zoe sneered, and Quinn heaved a sigh of relief.

Jay was finally standing his ground for once.

For some reason, although it seemed as if Zoe had always been the one taking the initiative on the
surface, Quinn thought that Jay had always been the one being wronged.

“I don’t have any scandals to be exposed. Even if I were to suddenly have one, the media has become
more forgiving in recent times and me being in a relationship at my age is absolutely reasonable and
therefore is not newsworthy…”

“You can expose yourself for favoring a particular female celebrity,” Zoe blurted.

Jay was rendered speechless, while Quinn continued holding herself back from speaking.

If Zoe were not her best friend, Quinn really would have given Zoe a tight slap to wake her up.

“Admitting that Yelena is our child is currently the best solution. I’ve already tasked my PR team to
handle this emergency situation.” Jay remained calm without a hint of anger.

“Since you’ve already made a decision, what’s the


Jay had already decided before coming that he would try his best to persuade Zoe to choose the third

Naturally, he had made preparations to implement the third solution.

Selfishly, he wanted to use this chance to be with Zoe.

So, when the media exposed Yelena’s existence, he was undeniably gleeful about it.

“Before that, we need to make some preparations.” Jay ignored Zoe’s tone and said gently, “We first
need to get a marriage certificate. Otherwise, the media or keyboard warriors may think that Yelena is
an illegitimate daughter and that we’re having an underground relationship. If that happens, not only
will we not achieve our desired outcome, but it might even cause both our reputations to be ruined.”

Zoe tried her best to hold herself back. She really felt like killing someone right now.

“I don’t think getting a marriage certificate right now would make Yelena a legitimate child though…”
Quinn raised an opinion.

The next moment, she looked like she had an epiphany.

Jay must have thought of the same thing she just did.

It was just a matter of timing.

It was not difficult for Jay at all.

Since Jay saw that Quinn had figured it out, he did not further elaborate on it.

There were some things that were best left unspoken. What was more, Quinn was a lawyer who
worked to bring justice to people.

“I have a request,” Zoe said.

Although her tone still betrayed how upset she was, she was clearly coming to a compromise.

Jay did not dare to show how glad he was, for fear that Zoe might detest his reaction. >

She might misunderstand that he had schemed against her and the scheme had worked.

He tried his best to remain calm and composed, while Quinn sighed inwardly with relief.

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