Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 855

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After they registered their marriage and received their marriage certificate, the three of them returned to
Quinn’s car.

Quinn turned out to be the happiest of the three of them-at least on the surface.

A smile hung on her lips as she asked, “Where are you two newly-weds planning to go? Are you going

Zoe glared at Quinn.

She was not the one who got married. What was she so excited about?

“Let’s return to Zoe’s apartment since Yelena is still there. She can take the chance to pack her bag…”
Jay’s voice gradually faded away.

He was clearly scared that Zoe might get angry.

And she was quite angry.

Somehow, she could not shake the feeling that she had been taken for a fool.

Yet, upon deeper thought, what could Jay get from fooling her?

He was just trying to help her solve her problem.

They drove back to Zoe’s apartment.

Yelena was slightly miffed.

Because they did not tell her daddy had abandoned her, and she was sobbing miserably at home.

She refused to talk to Zoe and Jay out of spite after they returned.

“Come here, Yelena.” Zoe that she must have thrown quite the temper at home.

“I don’t wanna.” Yelena objected.

Fire burned in Zoe’s chest.

Yelena had quite the temper as a child.

She could also get very stubborn.

“Yelena, come to Daddy. I’ll bring you

Yelena’s eyes lit up at his words.

“Really? Can I sleep with Daddy tonight?

She was only three years old, yet she displayed such impeccable logic.

“Yes, you can.” Jay nodded by way of confirmation.

Yelena pounced into Jay’s open arms without any hesitation.

Zoe looked at Yelena fawning over Jay.

She felt like the flower she had been cultivating completely by a stranger.

“Pack your clothes,

“To Jay’s house?” Clara was taken aback.

“Yes. Now that Yelena’s identity has been exposed, it has affected me quite badly and I need Jay’s
help. So we’ll stay at his place during this period until things blow over then we’ll come back.” Zoe did
not talk about her and Jay getting married.

“Oh,” Clara didn’t really understand the inner workings of the entertainment industry, but since this was
Zoe’s arrangements, she would follow it.

But when she turned around to pack her things, she suddenly crouched down again, looking as if she
had something to say.

“What’s the matter?” Zoe thought that Clara might not want to go to Jay’s place.

After all, there would be a lot of getting used in a completely new place.

“I live alone. There’s no one else in my place,” Jay suddenly added.

Clearly, Clara was worried about going to Levine Villa, where Nancy Levine stayed, as Nancy was very
hostile toward them.

Clara heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing what Jay said, then she immediately went to pack her

Zoe did the same as well with a tiny suitcase.

Jay glanced at Zoe’s luggage, noticing that she had packed fewer things than what Clara was packing
for Yelena.

Jay did not ask any further.

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