Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 859

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Jay paused for a while before going on, saying, “Our daughter is now three years old and is more
independent right now, which is why I encouraged Zoe to pursue her dreams again and accept the
director’s invitation to join Actors on Set. Of course, the production team did not know about our
relationship when they invited us and I selfishly did not inform the director. I did it in hopes of bringing
Zoe back into the public spotlight through this platform, giving her the leverage she needed to return to
her glorious past. She has sacrificed too much for me over the past few years.” i

“I hereby sincerely apologize for taking up so much public resources because of things between Zoe
and 1.1 would also like to take this chance to apologize to all staff members of Actors on Set for not
being honest about my relationship with Zoe to the production team because of my selfish intentions.
The production team invited both Zoe and I to the program without any prior awareness about our
relationship, and they were unable to make any efforts to avoid the current situation. I officially
announce that from now on, I will no longer take part in the filming of Actors on Set. Please forgive me
for the inconveniences I’ve caused to the production team.” ’

Jay stood up from his seat and bowed to the cameras.

He straightened up and sat back down before saying, “I have said whatever I wish to say. Everyone,
please take turns to raise your questions. Thank you once again.”

The moment he stopped talking, a reporter jumped in to ask, “Director Parker, is it really true that
you’ve been secretly married to Zoe for four years? There has been no scandal whatsoever between
the both of you over the past four years.”

“I’ve already mentioned that we were married in secret. Of course, we wouldn’t leak a secret.” Jay
chuckled. “I knew you guys wouldn’t believe it, so I even brought our marriage certificate. May I ask

one of the staff members to take it out and show it to everyone here? Please take good care of it and
don’t wreck it, I only have one marriage certificate.”

Jay’s little joke made everyone burst out laughing.

Someone teased, “Director Parker, do you place so much importance on that document?”

Someone else added, “Who said he places importance on the document? It’s the person he cares

Everyone burst out laughing once more.

Zoe clenched her fists tighter.

She felt so awkward that she wanted to dig a hole the size of Jay’s bungalow and bury herself in it.

She truly did not understand how Jay could bring himself to say something so mushy so naturally.

The staff member showed everyone the marriage certificate and carefully returned it to Jay.

Jay placed it into the inner pocket of his jacket carefully in front of everyone.

He even patted it gently after he was done.

It clearly looked like he cherished it a lot.

“I remember that you were in a very serious car accident back then, Director Parker. Was Zoe pregnant
then?” one of the reporters asked quick-wittedly.

“Yes. Back then, we were overseas and she took care of me while pregnant. It was very tough on her
and she really sacrificed a lot for me,” Jay replied.

Zoe furrowed her brows.

He got into a car accident when she was pregnant?

When exactly did Jay get into a car accident?

How long ago was that accident?

How did it happen?

Was the accident very serious?

He was crippled by it. Of course, it must have been very serious.

“Director Parker, you said earlier that you allowed Zoe to participate in Actors on Set to give her a
chance to return to the entertainment circle. I personally feel that compared to this program, it might be
more effective and faster for you to produce a movie specially for her, isn’t it?” A reporter raised
another question.

It was clearly not logical.

“Would you believe it if I told you that Zoe did not want to go through the back door?” Jay said with a
tinge of helplessness in his voice.

The reporters laughed.

Jay continued, “Let’s put it this way. When the director looked Zoe up, she was unaware that the
director had already looked me up. What’s more, everyone knows that I never participate in variety
shows, so all the more she did not expect me to participate in it. I signed the contract with the director
behind her back, and she only found out at the recording studio. But by then, things had progressed to
a point where we had no choice but to pretend not to know each other.”

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