Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 858

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They looked like they were in a couple outfit.

After both of them were dressed and ready, they sat in a car and drove to the venue of the press

Representatives from hundreds of news outlets were cramped in the venue and there were people

This was the first time since Zoe fell from her A-grade status that she felt so ‘popular’ on such a large

She was beginning to wonder if news of Yelena being exposed was a blessing in disguise.

Zoe held Jay’s arm and entered the room.

Jay hobbled in on his walking stick, making it look as if Zoe was supporting him.

Everyone was shocked to see Jay in the room. Why was he here at Zoe’s press conference?

Of course, the media knew that Jay and Zoe were both on Actors on Set, and Jay was Zoe’s mentor.

But even so, was there a need for her mentor to appear in person?

Since when did Jay put in so much effort for his celebrities?

Jay did appreciate Zoe’s acting skills in the program, and Zoe did not disappoint him. She had never
been popular among viewers and she definitely could not rely on luck.

The moment they appeared, the media went wild.

“Zoe, photos of you and a little girl behaving intimately have been leaked. It is said that she is your
daughter. Is that true?”

“You previously said that you were not married and were without kids when you joined the show, yet
now it’s been exposed that you do have a daughter. Don’t you find this embarrassing?”

“Who is the father of the child? Who is your husband?”

“Director Parker, why are you with Zoe at her press conference? Are you here to show your support for
your mentee?” 1

“Director Parker, how do you view the fact that Zoe has a daughter? Do you find her dishonest?”

“Director Parker…”

It was utter chaos at the conference.

The host immediately cut in, “Everyone, please quieten down. Quieten down so that Ms. York can
respond to all queries.”

That was when the reporters gradually kept quiet.

The sudden silence in the meeting room made the atmosphere tense up.

Zoe took a deep breath and prepared to speak.

Just then, Jay said, “Regarding Zoe’s child, allow me to respond to everyone first.”

Zoe turned to look at him.

She saw how serious he looked.

“Firstly, thank you very much to all for gracing Zoe and my press conference amid your busy
schedules. I am very thankful for everyone’s concern…”

“Director Parker, what do you mean Zoe and your press conference? Isn’t it Zoe’s conference?”

“Director Parker, what is your relationship with Zoe?”

“Everyone, please listen to me,” Jay went on, “You can feel free to raise your questions after hearing
me out. If you keep interrupting me right now, it will be difficult for me to answer all of your questions.”

The reporters turned silent again.

They were clearly trying their best to control their curiosity which was bursting at the seams.

They could sense that there would be major news today.

“Reporters have photographed Zoe and a little girl together. I would like to clearly state that the little girl
is Zoe’s

biological daughter-our biological daughter,” Jay said emphatically.

Reporters were suddenly unable to process such shocking news.

They all appeared to be shaken to the core, and it took them a while later for them to begin raising

“Let me finish what I wish to say before taking everyone’s questions. Otherwise, it’ll be difficult for us to
wrap up this press conference,” Jay cut in once more.

The reporters tried to control themselves and stop their barrage of questions.

“Zoe and I have been secretly married for four years and our daughter has just turned three years old.
Zoe has not been active in the entertainment industry over the past few years because of our family.
The reason why we did not announce our relationship was because we did not want to take up too
much public resources and also hope to give our child a less complicated environment to grow up in.”

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