Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 857

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“What do you usually like to eat?” Clara asked Jay.

Since she was planning to cook for everyone, she had to cater to everyone’s taste buds.

“I’m not picky, I eat almost anything. I’ll eat whatever you guys eat. Sometimes I’ll be quite busy and
won’t have many chances to come home for dinner,” Jay said.

“Is there anything you don’t like in particular, such as specific condiments or something? I’ll take note
when I cook.”

“None at all.”

“Okay.” Clara nodded and could not help but tease, “It’s pretty easy cooking for you, then, unlike Zoe
and Yelena who are so picky.”

“Zoe has been picky since young.”

Jay smiled as he started chatting with Clara, i

“Yelena is just like Zoe, a very picky eater. She doesn’t enjoy eating and is as skinny as a skeleton,”
Clara exclaimed exaggeratedly.

“It’s not too good for children to grow too fat either. Yelena is just nice like that.” Zoe really did not want
to join in the conversation but she could not hold herself back.

“She should still gain some weight. She’s a little too skinny,”

Clara insisted.

Zoe did not want to say any further.

Each time they were on the topic of Yelena’s appetite, she would always lose to Clara.

Jay’s lips were lifted in a smile throughout the conversation.

The atmosphere was great.

After lunch, Jay accompanied Yelena for her afternoon nap which she had a habit of having, while
Clara and Zoe stayed in the living room.

Jay’s living room was at least thrice the size of the living room in their apartment.

The two of them sat on Jay’s couch, feeling rather out of place.

“After everything is settled, we’ll go back,” Zoe said.

“This place is quite nice. The rooms are so big, and Yelena has so much space to run around and play.
Things are a little cramped in our house.”

“We’ll move to a bigger place as soon as I can afford it.” Zoe supposed after this incident died down,
she might have more engagements in the future and earning more money would not be a problem.

What Clara had wanted to say was that staying here sounded like a good idea and there was no need
for them to go back.

The two of them chatted idly, and Jay came out of the room

after putting Yelena to sleep.

“Is Yelena asleep?” Clara asked.

“Yes, she is.”

“Thank you so much,” Clara said politely.

“You’re welcome.” Jay smiled courteously. “It’ll be tough on you two in the days ahead.”

“It’s very easy to take care of Yelena. It’s not tough at all,” Clara immediately said.

Jay nodded and did not say anything further.

It would have appeared pretentious of him if he said too much.

He turned to Zoe and said, “The makeup artist will come at around five in the evening to do your
makeup for the press conference where we’ll announce Yelena’s identity.

“Do I need to go see the reporters too?”

“That will appear more sincere. Of course, if you’re really reluctant, it’s fine…”

“I’ll go.” Zoe agreed.

Jay was right.

She would appear more sincere if she were to turn up in person.

It was critical for her to leave a good public impression.

“Okay,” Jay replied.

Very soon, the makeup artist arrived at Jay’s house. Not only did she do an exquisite job in dolling Zoe
up, but she even prepared a fitting black gown for Zoe. It was not revealing but showed off Zoe’s
sensual figure.

Meanwhile, Jay put on a black suit.

Their outfits appeared to match each other’s.

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