Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 862

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Jay unlocked the door with his fingerprint.

Suddenly, he thought of something. “Zoe, come and leave a record of your fingerprint.”

“There’s no need for that. Just tell me the passcode.” Zoe found it troublesome if she had to delete her
fingerprint after a while.

“You’re not good with numbers and always forget your passcode. Recording your fingerprint will be
more convenient,” Jay insisted.

Zoe kept feeling that Jay had become more aggressive nowadays.

In the past, as long as she rejected him, he would usually just accept it.

“It won’t take long, and it’s not troublesome at all,” Jay added.

Zoe did not want to argue with Jay over something so trivial, so she walked over and recorded her
fingerprint with Jay’s help.

After making sure that she could open the door with her fingerprint, Jay finally walked through the door
with Zoe.

He even said, “Let your mom record her fingerprint later, too. N

Zoe paused for a moment.

His address of Clara as her mom had never been used in describing her relationship with Clara.

Jay noticed the change in her expression.

“Are you and her still estranged?” Jay asked.

“No need for you to bother about my affairs,” Zoe said coldly.

She walked past Jay in great strides into the living room.

She stopped in her tracks the moment she entered.

Jay took some time to remove his shoes and he only saw Nancy and Cora in his living room a while

The two of them spotted Jay and Zoe.

At once, one could cut the air with a knife.

Zoe did not react to their presence. She had already warned Jay that he had to explain things to the
Levines about their marriage. She did not want to be involved with them in any way.

She walked past them, seeing no need to even greet them.

She headed straight for Yelena.

Where were Yelena and Clara, if they were not in the living room?

Were they in their room?

Zoe’s attitude made Nancy’s face darken with displeasure.

“Zoe York, I’ve really underestimated you. You were driven out of the Levine household and you
stopped at nothing to come back! Don’t you find it embarrassing to come back via such underhanded
means?” Nancy looked at Zoe’s retreating figure and sneered. ’

Zoe bit her lip.

She did not know how to feel about Nancy right now.

She probably should avoid Nancy like the plague.

As such, she decided not to react in any way and simply forced herself to remain calm as she left.

“Zoe York!”

Nancy flared up upon seeing Zoe ignore her.

“I initiated the marriage. It has nothing to do with Zoe. Talk to me if you have anything in mind,” Jay’s
cold yet authoritative voice sounded.

Nancy looked at Jay.

He was standing in front of her, blocking her view.


Nancy suddenly slapped Jay.

Zoe was opening the room door, about to head in, when she heard the loud slap.

It did not stop her from entering the room anyway and slamming the door behind her.

What was going on was between the Levines and had nothing to do with her.

“Jay Parker, have you forgotten who you are?!” Nancy raged.

She looked at him with eyes reddened with anger, “Do you really think what you achieved today could
have been possible without the Levines backing you up?”

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