Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 864

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The moment Cora figured out what that meant, her heart jumped.


She could not let the Levines’ assets end up in Jay’s hands. She could not see Zoe leading a better life
than she did.

She had suffered for so many years in order to end up with what she had today. What right did Zoe
have to take back everything she had eventually?

“Acknowledge me? Did he acknowledge me as his son?” Jay sneered. “If he did, why did he keep me
by his side as his adoptive son? He brought me back simply because there was no one else to take
care of me, simply because having one more mouth to feed was nothing to the Levine household. To
the Levines, having me around was no different from having a dog!”

“That’s enough, Jay!” Nancy could not bear to hear more.

She would not allow Jay to say that of her father.

“I think it’s quite enough too.” Jay looked coldly at Nancy.” I’ve had enough since many years ago. Now
is a great time for us to make a clean break.” i

“Do you really want things to go so far for Zoe’s sake? We are the only family members left in the
Levine family. Can you really not care about us?!”

“I’m not the one who wants things to go so far-you are!” Jay refused to compromise.

“Fine, Jay.” Nancy did not want the argument to go on any longer, “Since you want to sever ties with
me because of that woman, I have nothing further to say. I hope you’ll never come to regret your
decision today.”

“I never will!” Jay said bluntly.

Nancy gritted her teeth as she said to Cora, “Let’s go. Take it that I never came here!”

Jay looked on coldly as they left.

Nancy slammed the door heavily, the loud bang of the door an outlet for her to vent her anger.

Nancy was wild with rage.

She was someone who placed much importance on kinship.

When she first found out about Jay’s true identity, she was not able to accept it. She could not accept
that the father she had always respected would do something so immoral and that he would let her
mom down so terribly. But back then, her mom had passed away a long time ago and her father was
advanced in his years. Having lived with Jay for so many years, she had grown close to him and she
knew that Jay himself was innocent in the entire affair.

As such, she managed to accept Jay’s presence in the family.

Especially over the past few years, when more and more of their family members departed, Nancy had
completely accepted Jay and even treated him as her own brother. To her, she and Jay only had each
other left.

She never expected Jay to cut ties with her because of Zoe!

Nancy’s face fell.

Since Jay insisted on being so cold-hearted, he could not blame her for being ruthless!

Jay sat back down on the couch.

He did not immediately go to Zoe’s room to explain things to her, for he found it difficult to compose
himself at this moment.

Over the years, he could sense how well Nancy treated him.

But Nancy was too extreme, especially toward Zoe. If he had to choose between them, he would
choose Zoe without any hesitation.

Nevertheless, he felt an inexplicable sense of pressure inside of him.

He only found out very recently that he was Alan’s son.

Back then, when Alan brought him back home, his mother only told him that Alan was a friend of hers.
He was very young back then and did not think too much of it. He never wondered why his young
mother could be friends with someone as old as Alan.

But his mother made him follow Alan back home and he

had no choice but to obey.

When he stayed with the Levines, everyone was very friendly to him, especially Zoe.

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