Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 866

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Until now, he told Zoe nothing.

He would rather she hate him for life than go through the torment that he did.

But he never expected that Zoe was not a member of the Levine family by blood.

The moment he found out, he did not know whether to be happy or not.

He had hurt Zoe so much, after all.

All right, he admitted that he felt truly happy.

It meant that he was not related to Zoe by blood and they could be together openly.

But that required some time, because Nancy could not accept Zoe’s existence.

Zoe was evidence of her husband having an affair. For someone as proud as Nancy, she would never
accept Zoe’s existence.

So, if he wanted to be with Zoe, his only choice was to sever ties with the Levine family.

He looked Alan up to lay all his cards on the table without any hesitation.

Alan did not immediately agree; instead, he simply said that they would talk again after some time.

He agreed to Alan, thinking that there was still time and by way of thanking him for raising him over the

But life never went according to plan.

Before he could start life anew with Zoe, she had gotten together with Bob.

He was always late by a step, and he was fated to pass her by.

Once again, he had to bury his own feelings and give Zoe and Bob his blessings.

As long as she was happy and as long as they genuinely loved each other, that was enough for him.

As for himself, he had gotten used to it over the years.

He had gotten used to dreaming of Zoe in the depths of the night, waking up in tears and to an aching

For a very long time, he looked on at the sweet moments between Bob and Zoe, silently accepting the
fact that she had really fallen in love with another man.

If it were not for Bob’s mother threatening Zoe, he would probably have nothing to do with Zoe for the
rest of his life.

Upon knowing that Zoe was being threatened by Bob’s mother, he did his best to brainstorm ways to
help Zoe preserve her relationship with Bob. It was not that he no longer loved Zoe, but that he knew
that Zoe no longer loved him and he did not want to kick her when she was down. Most importantly, he
didn’t want Zoe being upset and

heartbroken over breaking up with Bob.

But Zoe had made a clear decision.

To avoid putting Bob in a difficult spot, she decided to ask for a break up.

That night, when he was together with Zoe, he truly felt that it was the most wonderful night of his life.

He had never felt so satisfied and so wild…

But the heavens loved playing him for a fool.

He got into an accident during the happiest time of his life.

By the time he woke up, a few months had passed.

He was lying on the bed with multiple tubes sticking out of his body, struggling between life and death.

He did not even know if he had a complete body or whether he had lost a limb.

Subsequently, after undergoing treatment abroad, he managed to preserve his life despite being
crippled in the right leg.

He wondered if Zoe would despise him with his disability.

She did not love him in the first place, and now, he was riddled with this disability.

He did not want to do her injustice. 2

He really thought for a very, very long time before he took the initiative to give Zoe a call.

Yet, when he finally did so, he found that her number was no longer in service.

At that moment, all was clear to him.

Zoe was not waiting for him-she had completely given up on him and no longer loved him. 1

He no longer dared to look her up, for fear that she would despise him.

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