Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 869

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“It’s true,” Zoe said indifferently. “Jay and I have been a mistake from the start. No, we never started-
everything was just an accident, even our marriage now. Whatever it is, well go our separate ways one

“Not necessarily so.”

Cordy thought that now that Jay could finally be together with Zoe, even if Zoe did not fancy him, he
would never let her go so easily. True love would not give up so easily, especially since they were
already together.

“I can’t be bothered to talk more to you.” Zoe did not want to say anything further, finding it pointless,

Cordy smiled as she said, “I won’t say more, I’ll just sit here and wait for good news.”

“Go on and wait,” Zoe said dismissively.

Anyway, getting a divorce was good news to her.

Cordy did not dwell on the subject further. She said, “Send me a picture of Yelena. I think it’ll be tough
for me to return anytime soon, and I already can’t wait to see what she looks like. We’re relatives, after

“Relatives? Oh, I almost forgot that Jay is a Levine. Strictly speaking, Yelena is more senior than Dicky
in terms of their generations.” Zoe found it hilarious just thinking about it.

“That’s true.” Cordy agreed.

“Thankfully Jay isn’t related by blood to the Levines, otherwise Dicky would find it so strange. Cordy,
did you know? After I gave birth to Yelena, I even considered having Yelena and Dicky get engaged.
Dicky is the most handsome little boy I’ve ever met. Given how good looking both John and you are,
I’m sure Dicky will only grow to be even more dashing when he gets older. You’ve got to keep your eye
on him from a young age…”

“I advise you to kill that thought.”

“Are you looking down on my Yelena?” Zoe was mad.

Her Yelena was a decent choice, all right?!

Although she was a little capricious at times, she was such a lovable girl!

“I’ve never seen Yelena, how can I look down on her?” Cordy was almost rendered speechless by
Zoe’s response.

She was being accused of something and she could not find the words to defend herself!

“So do you think the age gap is too large? Yelena is only three years old while Dicky is already ten. I’m
fine with it, older men are more thoughtful and know how to take better care of others. I like men who
are older,” Zoe said.

Cordy was thinking how she could break it to Zoe.

Relatives should not get married.

She chose her words carefully. “Zoe, I think you’d better ask Jay and see what he thinks about this.”

“Why should I ask him?” Zoe did not understand. “Yelena is my daughter.”

“Just do as I say.”

Zoe remained silent.

“Can’t talk anymore, I have something else to attend to. I shan’t bother you two newlyweds!”

“There’s nothing between us for you to bother.”

“Bye!” Cordy ignored Zoe’s rebuttal.

Cordy just hung up on Zoe, leaving the latter speechless.

Zoe put her phone down and suddenly was at a loss as to what to do next.

She felt like everything was in a mess, but when she composed herself, she found herself unsure of
what to do next.

She looked around her unfamiliar surroundings and felt lost.


Clara suddenly called her from outside her room.

“What’s the matter?” Zoe turned to look at her.

“I came back to prepare food. Jay is downstairs watching Yelena. She’s going crazy, playing downstairs
for the first time here. I’m worried that Jay might not be able to catch up with her given his leg. What if
Yelena gets lost in the neighborhood? If you’re not busy, can you help watch Yelena

too? I’ll give you a call when the food’s ready.”

Zoe did not want to go.

One adult was enough to look after Yelena as she played by herself. Were two people really

That was too much.

But at the thought of Jay hobbling on his walking stick chasing after Yelena…

Zoe decided to head out after all, despite her slight annoyance.

Clara looked at her leaving the house and smiled.

She hoped that Zoe had really found the right man for herself.

At that moment, Nancy suddenly came to mind…

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