Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 870

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Clara sighed helplessly.

She would just have to contend with the fact that all good things took time.

Zoe went downstairs and searched around for a long time before finding the children’s playground.

This was a high-end estate, comprehensively equipped with all sorts of facilities.

She originally envisioned it to just be a small playground, but she knew she had underestimated it
when she saw how large-scale the three-story playground was.

It was no wonder that Clara was worried that Jay might not be able to handle Yelena. If she were to run
around this huge place, it was very likely that Jay might not be able to catch up with her.

Right now, she was unable to spot Yelena. She could only see Jay standing at the side of the
playground, focusing on a particular spot.

Zoe walked over.

She followed Jay’s line of sight and saw Yelena climbing up and down the playground like a little

“Head back first. I can look after Yelena,” Zoe suddenly said.

Jay jumped in shock.

Zoe was not very pleased.

Was she that frightening?!

Jay was too concentrated on watching Yelena and did not notice Zoe.

He had also assumed that Zoe would not come anyway, which was why he was shocked when Zoe
suddenly spoke.

“There’s no need for that. I don’t feel tired anyway,” Jay quickly composed himself and said.

“Then go over there and take a seat.”

There were chairs right there-did he not feel tired standing with his cane?!

“No need… or why don’t we go over and sit there together?” Jay suddenly changed his mind mid-way
through his rejection.

Zoe saw Yelena having lots of fun at the playground and was assured that all safety measures in the
playground were in place with no cause for concern before agreeing to sit with Jay on the chair.

The two of them were seated on a bench, with a marginal gap between them.

Things began to feel slightly awkward.

“Cordy called me just now.” Zoe spoke first.

She did not know why she took the initiative to break the silence.

Hadn’t she gotten used to being alone with Jay with nothing to say?!

But Zoe was not someone who would get all obsessed about something in particular.

Since she had spoken, so be it.

She went on saying, “I think Dicky is great. He’s handsome, sensible, and smart to boot. He’s a rare

“Yeah.” Jay nodded in agreement.

“I was just thinking, why don’t we keep the goodies in the family and matchmake Yelena and Dicky…”

Jay choked and coughed upon hearing Zoe’s suggestion.

Zoe furrowed her brows. “Is there a problem? Why are you so agitated?”

Of course, there was a problem.

There was a huge problem.

Things were almost wrecked between them precisely because of ‘kinship’ issues.

Richard and Yelena were certainly relatives, unless Yelena was not his child.

He had suspected that perhaps Yelena was not his biological daughter.

But now, he had no doubts about it whatsoever.

If Yelena were not his child, Zoe would never have agreed to marrying him.

She was very principled in nature.

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