Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 867

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The door opened, and Jay snapped back to reality as he sat up straight on the couch.

Zoe brought Yelena out. “Yelena wants to go to the playground for a while.”

She could not stand Yelena’s whining any longer.

Since they just moved here, they didn’t bring much of Yelena’s toys. She gave Yelena her phone to use
but Yelena got bored of it after a while and insisted on going downstairs to play.

When they were on their way here, Jay mentioned that there was a playground for the children in this
district, and Yelena kept it in mind.

“Okay, I’ll bring her there.” Jay picked up his walking stick and stood up.

“No, you’ve been running around the whole day. I’ll go instead. I can also take Yelena around the
neighborhood and get to know our way around,” Clara immediately said.

“Thank you.” Jay did not insist on his way.

He had done a lot of work today.

Of course, most importantly, he wanted to explain everything to Zoe. i

“It’s no trouble at all, go be busy. Yelena, come with me to

the playground.”

“Yay, we can finally go out!” Yelena dashed happily to the door.

The infectious joy of children made a smile break across Jay’s face.

After Yelena and Clara left, Zoe asked, “They’ve left?”

“Yes.” Jay nodded before adding, “I’m sorry.”

Zoe was stunned for a moment before saying, “It’s fine, you can call the shots.”

Zoe had expected this, although she did not expect Nancy to come charging at them so soon.

But it was only a matter of time, and she had mentally prepared herself.

Nevertheless, she refused to face up against Nancy. She had agreed with Jay that he would be the one
to deal with her.

Zoe turned around to leave.

“Zoe,” Jay suddenly called out to her.

“Is there something else?”

“Nancy might target us soon.” Jay went straight to the point.

He hesitated to tell Zoe about it. He was worried that telling her would make her choose to go her
separate ways from him.

She had no reason to get herself involved in this mess.

However, he could not hide it from her.

Nancy was not just targeting him, but Zoe as well, and he wanted to remind Zoe to mentally prepare

‘Til do my best to protect you, but I can’t promise that I can completely avoid implicating you…”

“Okay,” Zoe said, not reacting very strongly to his words.

Yes, she did mention before that she did not want to deal with Nancy.

But she knew clearly that Nancy would not let her go so easily and would definitely cause trouble for
her. Jay was not a deity and certainly did not have the power to stop Nancy from making a move on

What she said to Jay previously was simply a casual remark.

The fact was that the moment she agreed to marry Jay, she knew she could not shake Nancy off. i

Zoe returned to her room again, and her phone rang all of a sudden.

It was Cordy calling.

She had successfully avoided Cordy for two days. If it were not because Cordy was not in North City,
she would probably have rushed over with Quinn to find her.

She answered the call, but she did not hear Cordy yelling at her as she had expected.

If she were Cordy, she would have lost her cool for sure.

Cordy’s gentle and soft voice sounded from the other end.” Congratulations, Zoe.”

Zoe’s heart leapt.

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