Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 872

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However, Cordy was unable to smile because her own life was now a mess.

It was a miracle that she discovered that John was still alive, yet he ended up as someone else’s

Her grandfather also remained comatose, and the Cranstsons’ family conflict was never resolved, i

It was as if nothing would go well for Cordy, and the crushing weight of it all left her suffocating.

Even Sean was getting restless-the culprit who poisoned Jesse was still not making a move days after
they set their trap. They had nothing that could expose the culprit, and it was all a complete mystery.

That was when it occurred to Cordy. “Maybe they’re waiting for Grandpa to actually wake up before
doing anything?”

Sean’s eyes narrowed. “What do you mean?”

“Grandpa’s will is favorable to the culprit as long as he stays unconscious,” Cordy explained. ’All they
needed was to stay strong and do nothing, while waiting quietly for the final outcome. He should know
all too well that any false moves would expose them.”

Sean more or less understood. ’So, what you’re saying is…”

“Yeah. Spread fake news that Grandpa has woken up-don’t you think he’d start panicking?” Cordy

“Alright. I’ll make the arrangements,” Sean replied.

He didn’t hesitate to use Cordy’s plan immediately, and started discussing the details with her.

However, once they were done with that, Sean suddenly appeared hesitant to speak.

Cordy could tell immediately-he would always subconsciously furrow his brow whenever he was
worried. “Whatever you have in mind, just say it.”

“I just received the invitation to Lucas and Nana’s wedding from the Lynds.”

Cordy’s fingers, which were clenched around her teacup, flinched.

Sean noticed it, but didn’t hide it from her. ’They’re getting married during the tenth of next month.
That’s less than two weeks.’’

Cordy slowly took a sip of her tea, calmly accepting the fact that John was marrying another woman.

Was this his response he was going to give her? And she had to find out from someone else!

That was when she found herself staring at a tissue; she blinked as she noticed large tears welling out
of her eyes.

She thought herself jaded after going through so much, but it still hurt a lot.

“I told you-Nana is no pushover. She’d do everything she can to make Lucas stay, given her obsession
with him,” Sean said seriously, his expression indifferent as he watched Cordy struggling with her
tears.” Don’t fight her if you’re not that interested in Lucas. Nana’s one vengeful woman, and even
more trouble would await if you do fight her.”

“Even if you did win and go together with Lucas, it’d only hurt both your reputation. Not to mention, I’m
sure Jean would use this as leverage against you so that you’d never hold your head high again in our
families. There really is no reason to ruin your own future for that man.”

“I know I’ve never thought highly of Patrick Stuart and had a feeling he’s weird in certain ways,” Sean
added, “But at least, he’s loyal and wouldn’t play with your feelings. If you really had to choose
someone, I’m willing to support a relationship between you two.”

Cordy was actually surprised-Sean and Patrick were so hostile to each other, but now, Sean was being
nice to Patrick?

Still, she understood at the next instant that it was all relative; certain individuals were simply more
ideal compared to others.

It was true what Sean said; that Patrick at least would not let her down.

The man would never cheat, or be fickle in relationships.

On the other hand…

John had really abandoned her.

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