Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 873

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Seeing that Cordy was silent for a long while, Sean called out to her.


Cordy shook her head. “It’s my personal problem. I’ll handle it.”

Sean sighed. ”1 know you will-you’re as rational as you’re smart since I’ve known you, and there’s
nothing that can stand in your way. I’m the one who needs your advice in a great many things, but
that’s precisely why I think you need someone to depend on. You’re isolating yourself. Being too
independent means you’re also the one who gets hurt the most.”

Sean earnestly wished that Cordy could let down her guard and really open her heart, so that she didn’t
have to live under so much pain.

Ultimately said nothing, once again choosing to take everything upon herself.

A week later, Patrick left the capital and Cordy saw him off at the airport.

He was actually reluctant to leave, but he was stubborn and kept saying things like he didn’t know
when the next time he would have free time, that he would be busy and the like.

While Cordy could buy it that he would be busy for a week after such extended leave, she doubted that
she wouldn’t see him for a while. She knew him well enough that he would be on a flight the next day
he missed her, and he definitely had the ability to do it.

And she was more or less emotionally affected in turn.

It wasn’t as if she couldn’t feel how good he was to her over the last three years. Even if she was cold
to him on the surface, she couldn’t reject too many of his requests.

“Are you going to miss me?” Patrick asked her as he stood in front of the checkpoint.

“No,” Cordy replied, merciless as she always had been.

Patrick actually expected that answer, but would keep testing her everytime.

Who knew if the day would come when Cordy changed her mind?

“I’ll miss you.”

“Go now, or you won’t make it,” Cordy urged.

“Well, when are you going back to North City?”

“I’m not sure. I’ll decide after my grandfather wakes up,” Cordy said.

“When you’re back in North City-“

“Could you not come up with things to say just to drag your feet? You really should be going.”

Patrick pursed his lips, and suddenly spread his arms. “Can I hug you?”

When Cordy frowned at him, he smiled self-deprecatingly.

He was always the one to get embarrassed.

However, just as he was about to lower his arms, Cordy suddenly pressed herself in between his arms.

Patrick did a double take, honestly convinced that he was imagining it…

Cordy had always been so repulsed by him, yet now, she was coming on to him?

Upon this revelation, his heart raced in indescribable delight.

But before he could wrap his arms around her, she already pulled out from him.

There was displeasure in his eyes-that was so quick, it was over before he felt a thing!

“Don’t get any funny ideas. It’s just a farewell between friends,” Cordy said bluntly.

Patrick was speechless. “You could’ve said nothing and just let me have this.”

Cordy smiled. “Just go. Text me when you touch down safely.”

Patrick turned and stepped through the checkpoint, turning to smile at Cordy every couple steps.

Cordy watched as he eventually disappeared from the checkpoint. At the same time, she remembered
what Sean told her about Patrick being loyal…

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