Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 877

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John dashed at top speed, and soon arrived at the wreckage.

The three-car pile-up was pure carnage, and there was already a huge crowd standing around the

When John saw the car in the middle that was in pieces, and the car plate that was barely hanging

She wasn’t in the car.

She couldn’t be.

But that really was Sean’s car, which he used to drive Cordy around when she was in the capital.

John couldn’t care less and charged through the crowd, and leaned over the car window to get a look

Unfortunately, there were too many cracks for him to see clearly.

He gritted his teeth and punched it, but it did not shatter.

It was bulletproof glass, and it didn’t break despite the initial crash.

John didn’t drag his feet and turned, heading towards

Most cars had one in case of emergencies, and the driver quickly brought him his.

John dashed back to the black Roll Royce, found

When it did, John saw Cordy, bleeding from her pale, little face.

She was unconscious and her entire body was wrapped tightly in the airbag, keeping the extent of her
injuries unknown.

He tried to pull the door as hard as they could, but it was jammed and not budging at all.

Gritting his teeth, he pushed in through the car window without caring that the glass of the window was
cutting into him, and tried to pull Cordy as hard as he could out of the car.

However, she was stuck inside, kept in place by something unknown; she couldn’t move her at all.

“Cordy,” John called out to her, but she didn’t move or showed any sign of waking up.

“Cordy!” John kept at it, and clapped her cheek to keep trying to wake her.

Cordy remained unconscious, but beside her, Sean frowned

It took him a while to realize with a start that he and Cordy were in an accident, and he quickly turned
towards Cordy.

Her face was covered in blood, but it didn’t hide her paleness.

“Cordy!” Sean shouted her name too, but she remained unresponsive.

Sean tried to shift his body, but his whole body ached when he did.

It felt like he was being crushed, and he couldn’t breathe at all.

He tried his best to withstand the pain, putting all his concern on Cordy.

“Cordy, wake up,” Sean called out to her again.

“Can you move?” John asked Sean.

Scene did a double take, surprised to see John-what was he doing there?!

“I was just passing by.” John seemed to read his mind, and histone remained urgent. “Can you move?”


“If you can move, check if Cordy is stuck. I can’t pull her out at all,” John said. “The car’s too dented,
and I can’t get in.”

“Okay,” Sean replied.

It wasn’t the time for questions-they needed to get everyone out.

Hence, Sean restrained the pain in his body and checked

Cordy’s condition with his blood-soaked hands.

After a long while…

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