Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 874

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Cordy actually wondered when she could let go of the past.

Soon, perhaps?

After sending off Patrick, she returned to the car Sean arranged for her and returned to Cranston Hall.

She didn’t bring Dicky along to the airport since she expected to head back soon after seeing Patrick
off, just as she did not want Dicky to have to keep running around with her.

She reclined against the backseat, looking up at the blue skies of the capital.

Her phone then rang, and she checked the caller before answering it.

“Have you sent off Patrick Stuart?” Sean asked casually.

“I just did. I’m on my way back now.”

“Actually, you should head to the hospital right now,” Sean suggested. “I’m rushing there right now-l just

news that Grandpa regained consciousness.”

“Okay,” Cordy agreed.

“See you later.”


Hanging up, Cordy told the chauffeur, “The hospital, please.”

“Okay,” the chauffeur replied respectfully.

Most of the Cranstons had reached the hospital when Cordy did, and they were all standing outside
Jesse’s ICU ward.

Sean had leaked the fake information that the doctors said Jesse regained some extent of
consciousness; that although Jesse was not fully awake, current circumstances pointed to a full
recovery in under a week.

Every member of the Cranston family rushed to the reached them, with Paul asking in agitation, “Can I
go in to see my father?”

“No,” the doctor said sternly. “He just regained some extent of consciousness, but allow him to rest a
few days more before visiting him.”

“If that’s what you insist,” Paul did not push the issue. They were in the hospital, and therefore should
listen to the doctor’s orders.

As such, they all merely stayed outside for a while before leaving.

Cordy was naturally staying with Sean, but their expressions were somber.

They had been observing everyone seriously just now, but didn’t find anyone suspicious-whoever the
culprit was, he or she was very well hidden.

As they stepped out of the elevator, they ran into John and

Nana. This time, it wasn’t just the two; Jean also came, bringing the entire Lynd family with her.

Seeing Sean and Cordy, Jean quickly asked, “I just heard Jesse is waking up. Is that true? Is he
conscious right now?”

“He’s not awake yet, ma’am,” Sean replied respectfully. “But the doctors are saying that he’s conscious,
and that he’d be fully conscious in a week if this continues.”

“Oh, thank goodness,” Jean exclaimed excitedly. “I was saying that auspicious events would wash off
any bad luck. I mean, see? Nana just confirmed her wedding date with Lucas, and Jesse is already
recovering now. Who knows, he might actually wake up on their wedding day!”

Sean smiled faintly without agreeing, glancing at Cordy seemingly nonchalantly to find her remaining
indifferent; she didn’t even glance at John once.

On the other hand, John kept glancing at her a few times; ultimately, he said nothing.

“Are you leaving right now?” Jean asked, watching them.” You’re not staying with Jesse although he’s

“The doctor told us not to disturb him for now, and to let him rest a few more days. He’s too weak at the
moment, so we shouldn’t go in to see him,” Sean explained.

“I see.” Jean appeared a little disappointed. “It’s alright. I’ll just check on him from outside.”

As she spoke, she led her family into the elevator.

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