Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 878

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Sean told John, “Cordy’s leg is stuck between her door and the front seat. Her safety belt is also

“Okay, got it.” John promptly turned towards the crowd nearby. “Anyone have anything sharp? A knife?
Even a fruit knife?!”

The crowd around them were restlessly gathering around the wreckage, but was afraid to get involved
since the accident looked terrible and the victims probably did not survive.

However, they were eager to look around when they heard something was needed.

A man soon returned with a two-thumb wide fruit knife. “Will this do?”



John took the knife and soon returned to the car, deflating Cordy’s airbag a little before cutting Cordy’s
seatbelt as hard as he could.

Although the seatbelt was very thick, John never stopped cutting.

Sean could see John’s palm turning red.

He doubted that John would go that far if the latter didn’t

love Cordy.


They both heard Nana screaming for John.

She had hesitated in her car for a long while, but eventually gave in and followed Lucas.

The instant she arrived, she saw him stretching himself through the window to try to save Cordy,
without caring that the glass was cutting him.

He was working hard to calm himself, but his worry was clearly visible.

John never answered Nana, either-all he could think about was saving Cordy.

He must do it, and she must live.

His eyes were red, and his movements even more forceful.

Nana could see that his skin was scraping off from the friction, and cried, “Lucas, the ambulance will
come. Let go!”

However, John pretended not to hear her.


Nana was overwhelmed by the fact that John was so ready to sacrifice himself for Cordy. Infuriated,
she reached out to pull him, intent on taking him away.

But the instant she touched his arm, she was shoved so firmly she stumbled backwards and almost fell.

She stared at Lucas in disbelief. He had pushed her, and so forcefully at that!

“What are you doing, Lucas? Do you have to treat me like this because of Cordy?!” she demanded,
tears welling in her eyes.

And yet, John seemed not to hear and never responded-he never did since the start.


There was nothing more important to John than saving Cordy at that moment, and that was the only
thing he wanted to do.

Nana’s tears fell endlessly and she bit her lip, glaring viciously at Lucas.

John eventually cut off the seatbelt, freeing Cordy’s upper body.

He picked up the hammer he left on the ground and shattered the window of the seat next to the
driver’s, and quickly climbed inside.

“Stop! Lucas, I don’t want you to go in!” Nana tried to stop him again, grabbing his arm as hard as she
could. The whole car was filled with glass shards inside, and he had to break the window in the first
place because the car frame was too dented. If he crawled in now, he would cut himself from the
surrounding glass.

The instant she touched him, however, he pushed her away again and crawled into the car.

Nana could see his shirt soaked in blood…

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