Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 879

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John didn’t care about anything just to save Cordy, even himself?!

Feeling abandoned, Nana glared viciously at him as the vile thought of Cordy dying suddenly occurred
to her.

If Cordy would just die right then, no one could take John away from Nana.

At that moment, the savagery in Nana’s eyes only grew stronger.

Meanwhile, John remained oblivious to her growing hatred as he crawled inside and tried to move the
seat up front. Alas, it didn’t budge.

There was no way to get Cordy out as the seat kept her stuck in place, along with the door beside her.

John told himself to calm down, and that he was definitely getting Cordy out.

He inspected the interior of the car, and realized that he might be able to pull Cordy out from Sean’s
side of the car.

“1’11 get you out first,” John told Sean, making his decision right there and then.

“Okay.” Sean didn’t turn him down or ask questions. John definitely wouldn’t give up when he wanted to
save Cordy that badly.

John cut off Sean’s seatbelt, and helped the latter push against the driver’s seat as hard as he could so
Sean could free himself.

Sean gritted his teeth to withstand the pain. Yet, he didn’t leave immediately when he was free.

Like John, he was thinking about how to save Cordy.

“She’s kept stuck from the right, but there’s room to move from the left,” John pointed out. “We need to
move everything keeping her in place to the right. If her legs have a little room to move, she would be
able to pull herself out.”

“Alright, let’s do it,” Sean quickly said.

John nodded, but added urgently, “I tried lifting the seat, but that didn’t work. Right now. I’ll push
everything holding her to the right end. When I do, you have to pull Cordy to the left and see if you can
get her out.”


John returned to Cordy’s side and prepared to push the door

“Can you do it?” Sean asked.

“Yeah. Get ready,” John said; at the next instant, he pushed the seat and door to the right as hard as he

The car seemed to shake as he pushed, and Sean seized the opening to pull Cordy away.

He managed to move her a little, but she was soon stuck again.

He didn’t dare to pull too hard either, fearing he would hurt her leg.

John stopped pushing, and asked Sean, “Did you get her out? It

“A little. I’m afraid to pull her too hard,” Sean admitted.

“That’s fine. You just have to move her out inch by inch whenever I push the seat, until you get her
completely out.”

“Can your strength last that long?” Sean asked John.

“Yes.” John didn’t hesitate in his answer.

Sean said nothing else, and worked in perfect tandem to save Cordy.

Though John kept pushing off the seat repeatedly—his face flushing red and the veins on his temples
bulging-he didn’t seem to tire either.

It was as if he had endless strength; he would push, and then stop for a moment before pushing again.

Sean was sure the man would kill himself out of sheer fatigue.

Even as John pushed as hard as he could, the cuts he sustained from the glass as he crawled in
started to seep out of his shirt and drip all over Cordy’s body and face…

Cordy felt as if she was in a dream…or multiple, complex dreams.

She seemed to see her late mother, but she simply couldn’t get a good look on the latter’s face.

She started to fear that she had really forgotten what her mother looked like, as if she would really
forget about her mother…

In her dream, Cordy started bawling and wailing-it had been so long since she cried so much without a
care in the world.

Having bottled everything in for too long, she suddenly wanted to vent.

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