Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 881

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John didn’t tarry and kept going, even though he had already reached his limit.

“I’m getting out. I’ll pull you out from outside,” he said, and crawled out of the car window.

Nana had been standing there, watching as he slowly but surely rescued Cordy, putting his life on the
line the entire time.

By the time he got out, his whole body was dyed red in blood; yet, he seemed to not notice.

In fact, he never stopped to look around when he came out, and was keeping his eye and mind all on
Cordy every second of the way.

He leaned in through the window, using his body to block out the glass fragments still sticking around
the window frame as he carefully carried Cordy out of the car.

She was bleeding all over, but he prevented her body from touching the glass shards at all-only he
suffered the cuts.

Beside them, Nana watched with bloodshot eyes, unable to stand John going that far for Cordy.
Despite her growing jealousy, she clenched her jaw and bore it.

At the same time, John carried Cordy out of the car and gently placed her on the ground nearby,
saying, “Just wait for a moment. I’ll pull Sean out too.”

Cordy nodded, noticing that the traffic was easing up and the vehicles nearby were starting to move off.

From a distance, she could see the ambulance moving towards them. Plus, John was a lot less careful
about helping Sean-he was simply arching his back as he pulled Sean out.

Still, Sean didn’t make a sound and simply bore with the pain as John dragged him along.

At that instant, a black-clad man approached and strode past John.

John immediately let go of Sean as if by instinct, dropping the latter back inside the car while he
dashed towards Cordy.

The black-clad man suddenly whipped out a knife from his coat, and swung it at Cordy’s head.

She noticed the danger too, but she couldn’t move at all-all her limbs were numb from the accident,
and she was covered in injuries.

She watched for a moment as the black-clad man, also wearing a baseball cap and a face mask,
stabbed the gleaming knife at her heart; then, she closed her eyes.

She thought she was dead, and many memories flashed in her mind right as the thought came to her.

She didn’t want to part with Dicky, or John.

And yet…

The pain she expected never came.

When she opened her eyes, she found a bare hand grabbing the edge of the knife, stopping it inches
away from her heart by sheer force.

John’s palm was bleeding freely, his blood trickling off the edge of the knife and dripping over Cordy.

Before she could respond, her assailant launched a vicious kick at John, catching him off guard and
knocking him backwards.

The back of John’s head hit the car nearby with a loud bang, and he almost blacked out as he started
to bleed from the head.

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