Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 883

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Cordy spoke at length, her tears gushing as she did.

Dicky’s heart ached for his mother as he watched, but his father just wasn’t responding.

He wont be able to take yet another departure from his daddy, let alone his mommy.

Nonetheless, Dicky quietly hid his tears-his mommy was already badly hurting, and he didn’t want her
to feel more hurt because of him.

“Mommy,” he called out to her.

“Yes?” Cordy replied, subtly wiping away her tears.

“The doctor said visiting hours are over,” he reminded her.

Cordy nodded, and stared at John’s pale face.

He remained unresponsive, and so she left unhappily.

She never noticed his fingers twitching as she did.

When Dicky wheeled Cordy out of the ICU, they found Sean waiting forthem outside.

His injury was relatively minor compared to Cordy’s, and he wasn’t wheelchair bound. However, the
doctor still advised him not to move around too much, given the long list of injuries he sustained.

“What are you doing here?” Cordy asked him.

“It just occurred to me that you might be here. You weren’t around in your ward.”

“Is something the matter?”

“Yes, there are things I would like to discuss with you,” Sean said, before adding, “Patrick’s here too.”

Cordy stared at Sean, who admitted, “Yeah, I called him here, it

Sean’s intentions were exceedingly clear—he wanted Patrick and Cordy to get together.

After all, it didn’t matter if Nana survived or died as they risked the Lynds’ wrath whether or not Cordy
and Lucas were actually in a relationship.

Moreover, Sean earnestly felt that Patrick was the better choice if Cordy had to choose, even if John
did put his life on the line to save them.

Sean could see that John would only bring trouble on Cordy.

Cordy said nothing, however, as she understood Sean’s considerations.

She had no reason to be cross with someone genuinely wanting the best for her.

They returned to her ward together, where Patrick was waiting anxiously for her—he only received
Sean’s message that they were at the hospital after getting involved in an accident, with nothing

Given the Cranstons’ position and influence, no media outlet would report anything carelessly.
Therefore, only the insiders were aware of the accident.

When the door opened, Patrick turned to find Cordy in her wheelchair, covered in bandages.

Sean didn’t fare any better, but naturally seemed like he was doing well considering that he could walk
on his own.

“Cordy!” Patrick ran up to her when he saw her, asking worriedly, “How are you doing? Does it hurt
anywhere? Is it serious? What did the doctor say? Would this be permanent? It

When Cordy said nothing, he exclaimed in panic, “Don’t tell me… You hit your head and suffered brain

Cordy rolled her eyes, but said calmly, “I’m fine. They’re just flesh wounds, and the doctor told me I can
leave the hospital in a few days.”

Patrick remained worried regardless. “Really?” “Yes.” Cordy nodded.

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