Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 885

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It was the timing that made Cordy certain the car accident had nothing to do with Nana.

“I agree with your opinion,” Sean replied. “Though I’m just stating facts.”

Cordy blinked-so Sean was just telling her that John was going to marry Nana.

Caught off guard, she suddenly felt a thumping pain over her chest.

She wondered if she could actually face that day when it comes…

“But if we eliminate Nana, the only culprits possible would be our own family,” Sean said solemnly,
bringing the subject back to the right track.

Patrick was left gaping beside them. That was one shocking revelation they just spoke off, and it
seemed that they really were treating him like family.

He actually felt proud for some reason, and suddenly felt that his ‘cousin-in-law’ wasn’t at all bad.

“I also suspect it’s the same person trying to hurt our grandfather,” Cordy told Sean.

“I think so too,” Sean nodded.

“Does my presence affect the culprit?” Cordy theorized.

“I don’t know. Maybe Grandfather mentioned you in his will?”

Cordy’s heart skipped a beat-it never occurred to her that Jesse would name her in his will.

She knew Jesse felt like he owed her-or her mother, to be precise, and was keen on making amends.
However, she didn’t think that Jesse would go that far, and would at best give her some money and

showered her with extra concern.

Money certainly wouldn’t be the only thing to drive the culprit to kill her, either…

Cordy felt a mess of emotions rushing in her-she had been cold towards the Cranstons and refused to
bond further with them, since certain bonds were simply taxing.

She was stressed enough, and didn’t want more burdens.

But now, she was unable to act as carefree as she had been. She breathed a deep sigh at the thought
that her grandfather was still bedridden.

There was a vortex of emotions in her, so much that she felt crushed and almost unable to breathe.

“We were careless,” Sean continued. “We were dead sure the target was Grandfather, and kept him
protected with airtight security… But they simply turned their crosshairs on you.”

Cordy didn’t anticipate it, or that terrible car crash would not have happened at all.

“Do you have the autopsy report on your chauffeur?” she suddenly asked.

“Yes. There’s a certain sedative found in his bloodstream- that’s why he kept blacking out while he

“He took it? When?!”

“Probably while he waited for us at the basement car park,” Sean theorized, “when we were visiting
Grandfather. He was fine when he dropped us off.”

“In other words, someone made him take it while he waited.

We could check the cameras.”

“By sheer coincidence, the camera covering that specific

Naturally, it was less coincidence and more sabotage.

Whoever they were, they never left clues behind.

It was therefore not surprising at all… Which further begs the question: which Cranston was it?

“Do you think the culprit would turn back to Grandfather after failing to kill me?” Cordy suggested.

“Push too far, and even the calmest man would lash out,” Sean said with certainty.

“Then… Should we keep waiting for the culprit to take the bait?” Cordy asked.

“Yes, but let’s turn things up a notch.”

“How?” Cordy asked.

Sean simply sneered.

He really doubted that the culprit could pull anything amazing when he was watching!

Patrick was stunned by the extent of the internal strife within the Crantson family, though it wasn’t that
surprising now that he thought about it.

After all, the Stuarts’ own infighting had been equally bloody.

Nonetheless, Cordy was tired after discussing such serious matters and soon returned to her bed.

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