Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 884

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“That’s good…

Patrick breathed a sigh of relief, but soon asked, “How did you get into another accident again? Why is
it always car accidents?”

Cordy frowned. She didn’t get into car accidents that frequently… Though granted, she was in the
same car with Patrick in the last one.

And the memory was still fresh in her mind…

“Let’s sit down and talk,” Sean told Patrick.

Patrick shot him a look in turn and snapped unhappily, venting all his frustrations on him right then.
“You were in the same car! Why did Cordy get off worse than you? Were you even protecting her? And
you call yourself her cousin?!”

“It happened in a matter of seconds. It was too fast for anyone to react,” Cordy immediately defended

Not to mention, she didn’t want anyone to protect her with their lives.

“I’d definitely have protected you properly if I was in the car,” Patrick said assuredly.

“As if I didn’t have an accident when I was with you before,” worse than his.

“I mean, I hadn’t fallen for you at the time,” Patrick argued, then added ambitiously, “Hell, that accident
was the moment I realized I was in love with you-“

“Zip it,” Cordy snapped, cutting him short.

“Right. There’s people here, so I won’t say too much.” Patrick winked at her.

Cordy pretended not to see it, and turned to ask Sean, “What do you think caused this accident?”

Sean actually came here wanting to discuss this very thing with her, but was surprised that Patrick had
arrived so quickly-he must have hurried here once Sean texted him.

His concern for her was only too obvious.

Cordy glanced at Patrick, since what she really meant was whether Sean wanted to talk in private.

While Patrick could be a little goofy around Cordy, he was still a politician with considerable power and
authority, as well as a shrewd mind. He naturally could tell what Cordy meant immediately, and started
to leave.

“It’s fine,” Sean said. “It doesn’t have much to do with him, anyway.”

Both Patrick and Cordy were surprised-Cordy was especially shocked that Sean would suddenly treat
Patrick so differently.

Is he considering Patrick to be family even before she agreed to date Patrick?

Still, Cordy didn’t pause for too long and said bluntly, “I think the plan was to have me killed.”

Sean nodded. That much wasn’t obvious before, but the attempted murder on Cordy made that very

“Have you made any enemies here in the capital?” Sean asked her.

“No. I’ve never met anyone aside from our family, so there’s no way I’ve upset someone,” Cordy
replied. “Even in North City, my business rivals or others with conflicting interests would never come all

the way here just to attack me.”

A bold thought reached Sean. “…Could it be Nana?”

Cordy and Patrick were stunned, and Sean quickly explained, “She’s very hostile towards you, and like
I’ve said before, she’d do anything to get what she wants.”

“I won’t deny that she does have motive and has the ability, but I don’t think it’s her,” Cordy said,
offering a fair assessment. “It’s simple, really-she’s going to marry Lucas either way, providing there are
no surprises. She has no cause to gild the lily, let alone gamble with her own life.”

Sean nodded, agreeing that Cordy was making sense-even if his immediate reaction was that Nana
carried the most suspicion in this incident.

“Nana saved Lucas with her life. No one will be on his side if he dumps here now.”

“But she won’t. To be precise, not before her own wedding,” Cordy said confidently. “Of course, if it
didn’t go smoothly, it wouldn’t be surprising she’d do it given her wit and radical nature.”

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